The Wrongs When Do Exercise Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

According to research from Aiona State University, USA, after 3 months of running without changing your diet, your weight has not decreased. Even, because they feel more delicious, many people eat more after going to the gym, leading to more weight gain as a result. The fastest and most effective way to have a good shape, weight and a toned body like the models, you must be diligent and persistent in exercising. However, there are many girls who still wonder why they still persevere, practice diligently without getting sick.

If this is the case, then chances are you are making one of the following serious mistakes:
1.Unreasonable practice regime

Maintaining 30 minutes or 1 hour of exercise per day, or at least 5 sessions per week, is better than doing 2.3 sessions per 2-3 hour sessions. Do not want to lose weight fast but exercise too hard because it can cause many dangerous complications for the body.

You should remember that the effect of these exercises is a long process, not day 1, day 2. Make a reasonable exercise plan and it is important to persevere and try to maintain it equally. do not use the reasons like today too much work, not going to practice, it rains not going to practice, this afternoon is busy with friends to go to practice, … These are the reasons why you never go to practice. can now lose weight.

2.There are 1.2 sessions a week, sometimes only 2 weeks to practice again

Skipping exercise in the middle or exercising irregularly is also one of the reasons that make you fatter. When you are in a training routine, suddenly stopping will cause fat to concentrate and build up quickly, especially in areas like the abdomen and thighs. This causes your thighs, abdomen, .. to grow “abnormally”.

3.Regularly change exercises

According to the advice of experts, for physical exercises to achieve a certain effect requires you to stick with it for at least 2 months. However, there are many people who practice this exercise for a few times and feel ineffective and start to move on to another exercise.

Regularly changing exercises is also a way to refresh and create excitement in practice. However, changing too many exercises in a short time makes your body not adapt to the stimuli in physical exercises so it is not effective.

4. Practice continuously without rest throughout the training session

Practicing without rest is also a mistake many people make. When the body does not get enough rest, it secretes cortisol, a stress hormone that stimulates fat storage and enhances appetite and is the enemy of weight loss.

5. The exercise is not heavy enough

In fact, to get the effect consistently and without slowing down, you need to increase the intensity of the exercises. If you want to slim down all over your body, cardio and body weight are enough. But if you want toning and muscle masses, you will need the help of heavy, intense exercise. Part-specific machine exercises or HIIT exercises with the ability to burn fat within 48 hours of the workout should be the first choice.

6. Practice right after eating

Exercising on an extremely hungry stomach will make you dizzy, dizzy, faint easily or keep you from exercising long enough, and reduce the effects of exercise. However, if you eat too full before training, especially foods containing fat and difficult to digest such as butter, peanuts, starches, … will not be good for the stomach at all and also make exercise. ineffective practice.

Ideally, exercise at least 2 hours after eating to ensure the health of your body or just have a snack of banana, yogurt before exercising.

7. Assume that fasting and then exercising will help you lose weight faster

Having an empty stomach before exercising is a big mistake that many women make. With the notion that eating before training will make exercise ineffective, many people choose to starve their bodies before going to the gym in the desire to burn more excess fat.

But think about it, how can you train on an empty stomach, how can you bend your stomach, do heavy cardio exercises when your limbs are weak? Weight loss is a long process and if you lose 7-8 kg / month. In fact, the weight loss is actually just water, 1 month lose 8kg, but the next month can add 9kg just because the body lacks nutrients leading to appetite and you eat a lot to compensate.

Your body needs a steady source of energy to use during exercise, so the more you exercise, the more nutrients you need.

In addition, just practicing is not enough, you need to have a reasonable diet, break down meals, add nutritious foods for the body, foods that support muscle tone.

It is best to limit the intake of foods high in animal fats, sweets, fast foods, and alcoholic beverages, as these foods will make your workout work flow. sea

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