Prevention Of Diabetes Most Effective

There are many causes of diabetes that are dangerous to be aware of. Prevention is better than cure is a saying that is not unfamiliar to many people. It is not difficult to do this, but it is not easy. First of all, it is necessary to know where the cause is, to have the most accurate way to prevent diabetes.


I. What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a dangerous disease that needs to be treated promptly before it causes unfortunate complications. This is a medical condition caused by a disorder of insulin metabolism in the body, causing blood sugar to rise. Over time will affect the function of other organs in the body.

In type 1 diabetes, patients need to inject the hormone insulin from outside to control blood sugar because the body does not secrete insulin on its own.
With type 2 diabetes, the patient can take medicine, western medicine or traditional medicine will be able to control the disease.
Diabetes has many different stages, the earlier it is detected and treated, the faster its recovery will be. Should not be subjective before any symptoms of the disease, if you suspect any signs of the disease, go to the disease to check as soon as possible.

II. How to prevent diabetes?
The following good habits will be the “savior” for your health. Eating and living habits are likely to help prevent diabetes very effectively.

1. Full breakfast
Breakfast is an important meal of the day, replenishing energy for a long day of activity but many people ignore it. According to research by scientists in the US, those who eat breakfast in moderation are less likely to develop diabetes than people who often fast or skip meals.

2. Exercise regularly
Appropriate gentle exercise is the best way to improve your health. With diabetes, patients should practice regularly every day to help blood circulation better.

Healthy body will help fight diabetes very well. Not only does it help prevent diabetes, but exercise also improves your skin, enhances your resistance.

3. Limiting fat, grease
High-fat foods should be restricted in meals for obese people at risk of diabetes. They will make your blood sugar so high that it is difficult to control. Besides, the cholesterol that can make you get high cholesterol is also very dangerous.

4. Limit sweets, carbonated water
To prevent diabetes, should limit foods high in sugar, these foods will significantly affect your health. For people with diabetes, synthetic sweeteners, refined sugars are things to abstain because they are the leading cause of your blood sugar spike.

So limit the use of sweets in your menu, if you choose to use diet sugar instead of white sugar.

5. Limit white starch
White starch contains significant carbohydrates so it is also not good for diabetics. All starchy foods such as white rice, bread, … should also be limited. Instead, you can use brown rice or whole grains, which are very safe for patients who want long-term stabilization of blood sugar.

6. Limit the use of stimulants
Alcohol, tobacco or coffee are all stimulants that have a negative impact on your health. They will make the heart beat faster, high blood pressure is difficult to control and affect blood sugar levels as well. Those whose work nature can not completely abstain from alcohol should limit it as low as possible.

Diabetes prevention is an essential way of protecting your health. With the above notes, hopefully people will know how to protect themselves against the dangers of diabetes. Besides, it is necessary to periodically check the health to detect the disease as soon as possible so that there is a timely treatment method.

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