How to get a bigger butt: Unlock Your Glutes

Gluteus plays an extremely important role in the development of fitness, strength for an athletics (athleticsm), has a direct influence on the motor abilities such as running, jumping, accelerating, deceleration or balance. In addition, glutes also play a role in maintaining correct posture when moving, reducing the pressure load on the lumbar region and creating stability for the lower body.

1. Overview of Co Mong (Gluteus)

Glutes is a group of 3 muscle groups, including: glutes maximus, glutes medius and glutes minimus. There is no need to go too deep into anatomical theory and the minute details and movements of each muscle group. In general, the large glutes play a key role in extending the hip joint, creating the force to push the body forward horizontally. While the missed butt muscles and the baby glutes have a role in stabilizing the hip joints, the knee joints, helping keep the correct posture and creating efficiency in movement. In addition, when activated together, the three will play a role in absorbing force and reducing the pressure load on the lower back.

2. Reasons to directly develop gluteus muscles

2.1 Strengthen the most basic motor abilities

Whether you come from any sport, basic motor abilities like high-speed running, short-range acceleration, balance, turn or jump all play a fundamental role in use. the most effective of that particular sport.

For sports that require high-speed movement such as athletics, soccer or rugby, strength development of the glutes must be emphasized. As mentioned above, the glutes play a key role in the extending movement of the hip joint, generating horizontal and direct force that contributes to pushing the body forward. Developing glutes will directly improve high-speed running as well as acceleration in short clutches.

2.2. Reduce the pressure load on the lower back

Gluteus muscles, when functioning properly, will contribute to reducing the pressure load on the lower back, through two ways: directly and indirectly.


Regular walking or jogging will also put pressure on the waist area (ground reaction force and body weight), as this is the main force-bearing structure of the human body. with the knee joint. When the force feedback from the ground goes up, muscles take on the role of absorbing the force; Examples include the anterior thigh muscle, the hind thigh in the knee and the glute, and the lower back in the hip. When the gluteus muscle weakens, the lower back muscles endure more pressure and cause painful phenomena due to overload, even if they do not do anything heavy themselves. This is an example of the role of gluteus muscles in coping medium and small (but repetitive) types of stress.


The glutes have an indirect role to reduce the pressure load on the lower back through creating a balance for the hip alignment to keep the correct posture. A typical fault position is a back deflection (the pelvis is anterior pelvic tilt). This happens due to a muscle imbalance in the structures around the body’s center of gravity, some muscle groups being too tight and others too weak.

2.3. Reduce the risk of injury

As mentioned, the gluteus muscle, when working well, will increase stability for the lower body, including the hip and knee joints, thereby reducing unnecessary pressure and the risk of injury. this structure. When subjected to great pressure (heavy squats, turns, jumps and landings, etc.), the knee joint tends to flex inward (due to the femoral closure and inward rotation – adduction and internal rotation), also known as present. statue knee valgus. The glutes (especially glutes medius), when working properly, generates the power to open and rotate the femur (abduction and external rotation).

3. The effects of gluteus muscle development

Gluteus muscle is one of the largest and most powerful muscle groups on the human body, including: large, small and small buttocks. Developing your glutes will help improve basic motor abilities, such as high-speed running, short-range sprinting, balance, pivot, or jumping. In addition, the glute has a role in reducing pressure on the lower back and reducing the risk of specific injuries.

4. How to get a bigger butt: Unlock Your Glutes

4.1. Make a nutritious diet

You should incorporate more of the nutrition below. Part of the reason why your butt is small or loose is also due to miscellaneous eating habits, a serious lack of nutrients for a long time.

4.2. Make a big butt massage

You can add a firming, white, toned butt with the massage tip. You can use white sea salt to increase the effect of the big butt massgae.

4.3. How to have a big butt with exercises

Exercise is a way to help round 3 round, toned many women choose. The exercise process will help consume excess fat, increase muscle effectively.

Here are the exercises to help the big butt be evaluated simply by the Fitness expert but with quick results:

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