What fruits should be eaten and not eaten at night?

What fruit is good and bad for the evening? Fruit should be eaten at the best time. Join us to find out the answer through the following article.

1. What fruits should be eaten in the evening

Cucumber, watermelon, banana, strawberry …. are fruits recommended by experts to eat at night to improve sleep quality, purify, detoxify the body, help the spirit of comfort.


The evening is a time of metabolism and the elimination of waste from the body, so cucumber is one of the foods that contribute to stimulating the elimination process. Excess body fluid, purifies quickly and effectively, because cucumbers make up more than 90% of the water.


Watermelon is considered a very good food to eat in the evening to promote its full use. Having a sweet, refreshing taste, watermelon not only has a very good refreshing effect but also contains few calories, eat without fear of being bloated or having much body fat stored.

This healthy fruit is also rich in antioxidants, which aids in a deeper and better sleep. Moreover, watermelon is an effective remedy to help the body prevent the risk of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, cancer, ..


Bananas are one of the foods recommended by experts to use in the evening to stimulate appetite and help promote better digestion, help the process of food metabolism better, avoid being bloating after dinner.

Moreover, bananas are also a good fruit to help burn fat and help you lose weight effectively, eat in the evening without fear of being fat.


If you suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping at night, choose strawberries as an effective remedy for a long, deep, alert sleep in the early morning. Strawberries contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C has a relaxing effect. You can absolutely choose to eat strawberries directly or make strawberry smoothies to drink every night, not only helps to get a good night’s sleep but also has the effect of weight loss, skin care is very good.

2. The fruits should not be eaten at night

In the evening you should avoid eating the following fruits if you do not want to gain weight, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, digestion:


Pineapple is also a very high sugar fruit, so it should be limited in the evening, not only causing faster weight gain but also very dangerous for people with diabetes. Moreover, eating a lot of pineapple can cause allergies for some people, so be careful when choosing pineapple when eating.


Durian is a very high-fat food with very high nutritional content, if eaten during the day will be very good for the digestive system and improve the skin. However, it is not advisable to eat durian in the evening, because it contains very high sugar, not only causing the potential for low blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, stomach ulcers.

Moreover, for girls intending to lose weight, durian should not be chosen as a fruit that should be eaten in the evening because the fat content of this fruit is very high, if eaten at this time, it may cause Your body stores indigestible fat, which causes belly fat, makes it easier to gain weight.


This is a nutritious fruit, high in citric hydroxy acid, which helps stimulate the body to produce inhibiting liquid synthesis, supporting stimulating appetite. However, if you enjoy mangosteen in the evening, the xanthones in mangosteen will cause the body to be acid poisoning and interfere with good sleep, making the body tired, harder to fall asleep.


Avocado is a fruit that is considered to be very healthy, if eaten during the day, it will help support stomach and intestinal problems and protect physiological function, cardiovascular disease and liver.

However, for a fruit with a high content of vegetable fat, it should not be used in the evening, because it will cause the body to be overloaded as well as indigestion, leading to difficulty getting a good night’s sleep and feeling tired the next morning.

3. When is the best time to eat fruits?


Eating fruit in the morning when your stomach is empty and a glass of water is considered the best time. Meanwhile, the digestive system can easily absorb maximum nutrients from the fruit.

Foods to eat before breakfast: Pineapple, watermelon, bananas, grapes, berries, pears, mangoes, papayas and apples

Between meals

Eating fruit between meals during the day is also considered a good habit because it is a time when the digestive system works quickly and various enzymes are released, which makes the process easier. easier.

The fruits that are eaten between meals will be better digested, providing nutrients along with fiber and simple sugars for the body more effectively.

Eating fruit between meals as a snack can also lead to weight loss because it can help fight your cravings. Eat fruit before or after 30 minutes of each main meal.

Before and after training

One of the best times to eat fruit is before and after workouts. If you consume fruit before training, it will give your body an immediate source of energy so that you can overcome strenuous exercise.

The same thing applies after a workout when your body loses its energy and is tired of just exercising. During this time, fruits that are high in fiber and natural sugars are best, such as bananas, mangoes, grapes, citrus, fruits, pineapples, chikoo, pomegranates and pears.

The fruits that are eaten before and after a workout will provide your body with the necessary electrolytes and energy.

Before dinner

Eating fruit before dinner is better than eating it before going to bed. Because fruits are low in energy and high in fiber, they will satisfy your hunger. And the reason is that dinner is the simplest meal of the day.

A few notes when eating fruit

In order to get the most nutrients in fruits, you should eat fresh fruit and rich in muscle, eat both skin and meat.
Eat seasonal fruits and eat a variety of fruits.

If you have kidney disease, you should choose fruits that are low in potassium, such as papaya, apple, pear, guava …

People with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid eating fruits that are high in fiber like apples, oranges and bananas.

Fruit is essential in the human diet. However, you need to pay attention to build a reasonable diet, know what fruits should be eaten at any time of the day to protect your health best!


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