What Fruit To Eat For Weight Loss And What Fruits To Avoid When Losing Weight

Weight and physique is always a hot topic of women. The beautiful notion that being thin must be ingrained in women’s minds. And also from this desire to lose weight thanks to the fruit born.

Also because weight loss fruits are low in calories and provide the essential nutrients in the body.

The fruits lose weight beautiful skin

Fruit is generally extremely safe for those who want to lose weight naturally. Because they do not have fat but still full of good nutrients for the body. Moreover, it gives you a radiant beautiful skin.

Here are the most beautiful fruits to lose weight skin for reference:


Apple is a fruit that can be easily purchased anywhere. Therefore, this fruit is always placed on the top of the list of fruits to lose weight.

It seems like a joke but it is completely true. Women used to eat apples every day and lost weight quickly.

If you are afraid of boring because you eat this fruit every day, you can combine other dishes. For example, caviar or fruit salad, adding milk is also very easy to eat.

Or simply make apple juice and use a few other fruits. Make sure you can drink a lot when the weather is hot today.

In addition to being a weight loss fruit, apples are also known as fruits rich in vitamins. Especially vitamin C, fiber, potassium, … help fight skin aging.


Eat pears sweet but easy to eat. Especially the sweetness of pears does not cause discomfort as many other fruits

The crunchy sweet taste of pears is easy to eat. Therefore, any devotees lose weight are fascinated. The pear’s coolness makes the body filter out impurities and is energized.

On average, each pear makes up only 100 calories. But because the fiber is porous, it quickly fills the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness. Thereby limiting the appetite of the body.

This fruit also provides you with a large amount of vitamin C to make the skin more beautiful.

For best results, drink a glass of pear juice before meals. This helps the body feel full, thereby reducing the amount of food during meals.

Regularly eat like that, the body will have a reasonable adjustment. Add pears to lose weight, the body does not worry about fatigue, but the skin is not wrinkled, saggy.


Succulent grapefruit, choose sweet sweet grapefruit is effective for weight loss

This weight loss fruit is considered a holy medicine for women. By succulent stretching helps the body to full.

Besides, the calories in grapefruit are also extremely low, making it easier to lose weight.

Grapefruit provides vitamin C, fiber, hydra salts, combined with protein to help burn fat. And providing extra help is to lower blood sugar.

Regular use of this fruit will help your body quickly reach the standard as a model.


Many people think that the greasy taste of this fruit will cause weight gain.

But no, the reality is exactly the opposite.

According to experts, there is a type of natural fat in avocado, which helps reduce blood cholesterol and helps to lose weight effectively.

Eating avocados also helps to keep you full and reduces cravings. Because avocado tastes greasy, so eating will feel “blank” and the body does not want to absorb anything more.

In addition, avocados also help the body eliminate harmful substances very effectively. Using butter to lose weight, the body will also reduce toxins, skin more smooth and healthy.


Lemons are always the most effective weight loss fruit.

This fruit is always famous for its sour taste and huge source of vitamin C. Thereby helping to strengthen the resistance and improve the body’s immune system. The sour taste helps increase the amount of acid, consume food faster.

To lose weight, women often mix diluted lemon water and drink instead of water. But with an acidic fruit like lemon, you should limit your hunger!


Not to be missed in the fruit list for effective weight loss. It’s hard to tell the benefits of bananas.

Bananas are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, bananas are sweet, easy to eat and easy to use directly. When eating bananas to lose weight, there is absolutely no need to worry about side effects because bananas are very safe.

These fruits should be avoided when dieting

Not all fruits are helpful for weight loss. Although they still provide you with essential nutrients, they also provide fat.

So, avoid the following fruits to get the body you always wanted!

Dry fruit

Dried fruit is not “easy to lose weight” as we think

Dried fruits are delicious to eat and many people like to use. However, drying means there is no maximum water and nutrients.

Without adequate water and nutrients, the body remains hungry as usual. The fruit’s weight loss effect will be reduced.

Besides, the calorie content of dried fruit is many times higher than usual.

For example, a plum has only 2 calories. Using about 10 – 15 fruits is sufficient. So the calories will stop at 30 calories.

But also with that, to full it must use a whole cup of prunes. Calories can be as high as 500. Not only will eating not decrease, but it will take many more hours of practice to consume it


In general, starchy foods that eat instead of rice also reduce quite a few calories. However, for some types of high starch tubers, the opposite. These include potatoes and some nutritious beans such as black beans, soybeans, …

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