Some people should not eat bean sprouts because they are extremely poisonous

Bean sprouts are a kind of food that has cool, cooling and rich in minerals, very good fiber for health. However, bean sprouts are also easily poisoned and harmful to some consumers.

Bean sprouts are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, it also contains many minerals, amino acids, proteins and phytochemicals …

According to calculations, for every 100g bean sprouts with 5.5g protid, 5.3 glucid, 38g Ca, 91mg P, 1.4mg Fe, 0.2mg vitamin B1, 0.13mg vitamin B2, 0.75mg vitamin PP, 0, 09mg of vitamin B6, 10mg of vitamin C, 15 – 25mg of vitamin E and 44 calories.

Comparing the nutritional content of bean sprouts with its “precursor” as bean seeds, the nutritional content of bean sprouts was greatly increased. Eating bean sprouts is a way to increase the nutritional value of legumes.

Health experts believe that the price of green beans can extend the life, very good for cases of hypogonadism, and also for pregnant women who are difficult to give birth, good for pregnant women and prevention. miscarriage. In unexplained high blood pressure, people often use bean sprouts bud boil carefully filtered to get water about 100 ml, 2 times a day drinking in the afternoon will help lower blood pressure.

In addition, bean sprouts contain lots of antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C. These substances work to absorb ultraviolet rays, remove black spots on the face, limit neeos wrinkles and dark skin, help the skin. face less dry, smooth, smooth and whiter.

The following people should not eat bean sprouts:

People with chronic gastritis should not eat bean sprouts.

These are people who exhibit cold limbs, lack of strength, back, and sore feet, loose stools. These people, if eating bean sprouts make the condition worse, may even have abdominal pain that leads to dehydration, bloody stagnation makes the joints and muscles ache, weak, weak stomach. leading to gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic gastritis.

The limbs are cold and weak

If the limbs are often cold, lacking in force, back, painful legs, passing loose stools … eating bean sprouts will make the condition more serious.

The person is hungry

Soybean sprouts are soldering, eating when hungry will harm the stomach. To promote the effect of soybean meal should be eaten with other foods during meals.

People are taking medicine

Bean sprouts have the ability to detoxify so they can reduce the effects of medicines. Therefore, if you are taking medication should not eat bean sprouts, or eat close to the time taken.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers

For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not eat raw sprouts. Because bean sprouts are made at a temperature of 35 degrees C, is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. If you want to eat bean sprouts, blanch them over boiling or cooked water.


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