Nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis patients

People with pulmonary tuberculosis, in addition to following the doctor’s treatment regimen, the right nutrition is very important to help patients recover quickly. Due to the resistance and immunity of people with TB disease is often very weak. In addition, people with tuberculosis often suffer from anorexia, reduced nutrient absorption (including micronutrients), which makes it easier to lose weight and lack nutrients. Therefore, improving the nutritional status of patients will increase the effectiveness of TB treatment, helping patients recover quickly.

Dietary principles for people with pulmonary tuberculosis:

– Energy intake depends on the condition of the patient: If thin to eat a lot to reach normal weight. If the weight is normal, the energy intake does not change.

– Foods in the meal should contain 4 food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Besides, it is necessary to give priority to the amount of sugar from ripe fruits, which is good for the liver to detoxify due to side effects of the drug.

– Need a variety of dishes: Due to the weak condition and side effects of the drug, the patient is easily anorexic, requiring a variety of dishes as well as frequently changing dishes according to the preferences of the patient. Meals should be broken down daily to help patients absorb better and better than the necessary nutrients.

People with pulmonary tuberculosis should prioritize the following vitamins and minerals:

– Zinc: Due to the mechanism of action of drugs to treat tuberculosis, causing zinc deficiency in patients, leading to anorexia, impaired immune system. Patients should choose zinc-rich foods such as oysters, mussels, oysters, copra, peas, soybeans, turnips, egg yolks, lean pork, etc.

– Vitamins A, E, C: These are important substances that help strengthen the immune system, protect the mucosa, help the skin stay healthy, avoid the risk of infections, antioxidants but people with tuberculosis are easily deficient. deficit. You can take a supplement in the form of medicine as directed by your doctor or choose foods rich in these vitamins, such as: dark green vegetables, ripe fruits with yellow, red like orange, mango, papaya, eggplant Sour, carrots contain vitamins A, C; Animal liver, red meat such as lean pork, beef, sea fish … all contain vitamin D.

– Iron: The risk of iron deficiency anemia in TB patients is very high, reducing resistance, leading to susceptible to infections, heart diseases … Need to eat iron-rich foods such as wood ear, mushrooms, soybeans, egg yolks, beef, lean meat, liver …
Vitamin K, B6: Due to poor absorption, or digestive disorders, the ability to synthesize vitamin K decreases, which hinders blood clotting. These vitamins are found in foods such as liver, dark green vegetables. In addition, TB treatment often requires long-term use of anti-tuberculosis regimens, which reduce the absorption of vitamin B6, easily cause peripheral neuritis, reduce immunity. Therefore, in addition to taking vitamin B6 as a supplement, according to the doctor’s instructions, patients should eat foods rich in this vitamin such as lean pork, chicken, beans, beans, potatoes, bananas, cauliflower. , whole grains …

Foods that people with tuberculosis should abstain from:

– Hot spicy foods are easy to cause irritation such as mustard powder, ginger, chili because these types will make the cough worse and last longer.

– Absolutely do not drink beer, alcohol, use stimulants such as caffeine, thick tea, no smoking because these substances reduce the therapeutic effect and increase side effects of the drug.

The nutrition of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis should be consulted directly by the treating physician, because it is the physician who knows the condition and has the most accurate advice for a combined diet. by effective medicine.

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