Nutrition for people with high blood pressure

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), an average of 10 adults, 4 will have hypertension. According to WHO, every year, 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular diseases in the world, more than 4 times the total number of deaths from 3 diseases of HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis …

Known as a common problem in the community, hypertension is still the leading cause of death leading to the deaths of millions of people each year, and is also the cause of heart failure and stroke. brain, which causes acute myocardial infarction. The proportion of people with hypertension is also increasing and the age of new infections is also rejuvenating.

In addition to following the doctor’s treatment, we also recommend that everyone in the community should have a reasonable diet, not simply following rules such as bland eating, limiting food intake. more fat … but you also need to change the diet each day, to be able to meet the above criteria, and also not cause anorexia.

As people working on health, we always want to bring you the most useful knowledge, help you have more knowledge and a better view of the disease. If you have just discovered that you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure or want to find out more about the disease, this “Small” Handbook is extremely helpful for treatment and prevention.

Diet and activities for people with high blood pressure

1. Living regime

Avoid stress, reduce work intensity, arrange work conveniently and gently to always feel comfortable. Avoid strong emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger, and fear. Avoid sudden cold winds; work, rest in moderation, healthy. Quit smoking, limit alcohol, coffee.

Regular exercise, physical fitness (walking, swimming, cycling, tai chi, yoga …), slow and deep breathing, hand and foot massage …

2. Diet: should only use foods that provide nutrients as follows:

Protein 60-70 g, fat (vegetable oil such as soybean oil, peanuts, sesame, olive, sunflower …) 25-30 g, carbohydrates 300-320 g, table salt (including monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder, soy sauce, fish sauce …) not more than 6g, fiber from vegetables, tubers, fruits 30-40g (300-500 g of vegetables).

A menu of lean meats (preferably fish), vegetable oils and lots of green vegetables, tubers, fruits, beans, seeds are always safe for people with high blood pressure.

Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, too sweet, too fat, too salty.

Do not eat food made from organ meats, animal fats, meat meats, canned poultry, ham, ham, skin of cattle, poultry, dairy products , French fries, restricting some seafood.

In case of patients with high blood pressure with complications of heart failure, renal failure, stroke, need to abide by the diet of salt (1-4 g / day), under close supervision of physicians .

Do not drink tea in the evening will cause insomnia, facilitate high blood pressure.

Some foods with licorice, ginseng, lemon, basil, star anise, clove, etc. are also not good for people with high blood pressure.

Good food for people with high blood pressure

Celery: Many studies have shown that celery has a diuretic, vasodilatory effect, reduces blood pressure, so you can incorporate celery into meals to stabilize blood pressure every day.

Water spinach: if you are looking for vegetables for people with high blood pressure, water spinach is very suitable because it contains quite a lot of calcium, not only that, water spinach also helps reduce the headaches often encountered. .

– Cabbage: Probably we are very familiar with this vegetable because they contain many amino acids, essential oils should work to reduce blood pressure, help clearer mind.

Carrots: With this kind, you can eat raw or drink juice every day to correct blood lipid disorders and stabilize blood pressure, especially, eating carrots also helps soften the walls.

– Tomatoes: if you eat tomatoes regularly, you can fight high blood pressure, especially the complications of ophthalmic hemorrhage because tomatoes contain vitamin C, P is very good for health.

– Bamboo shoots: a number of recent studies have shown that, bamboo shoots can eliminate fatigue, activates blood, induces colostrum, and vasodilation to increase physical strength, in addition, bamboo shoots also have a protective effect. Cancer, very suitable for people with blood pressure.

Foods that people with high blood pressure should not eat

– Alcohol and beer are two drinks that make the heart beat faster and increase blood pressure, cause arteriosclerosis, so people who are suffering from high blood pressure should absolutely abstain from this drink.

– Coffee and cigarettes also contain stimulants that make the heart rate increase, blood pressure increase, so people should abstain better.

– Limit the use of greasy foods, foods high in sugar and fat.

In addition, patients with high blood pressure should not drink solid tea, because solid tea is high in alkaline substances, which are stimulants of the brain causing insomnia and insecurity that cause high blood pressure.

Abstaining from some spicy foods, limiting starchy foods and cakes because it makes it difficult to defecate causing constipation, leading to an increase in blood pressure if it is more severe which can cause a risk of brain bleeding .

A proper diet not only keeps you happy but also greatly improves your condition. In addition to the diet, you also need to combine with regular exercise to be better health offline!

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