Is eating less starch really good for you?

Losing weight and staying in shape are always the top concerns of women. Currently the diet prevention says no to starch is causing fever in young people. But is starches as good as you think?

What is starch?

Starches, also known as carbohydrates – Carbs, also called carbohydrates, provide energy for the body.

There are many foods high in starch such as wheat, rice, potatoes, …

The “Say no to starches diets” regime

This method begins by replacing wheat with other natural foods. The reason is that wheat contains Gliadin protein, stimulates the appetite and causes addiction to starchy foods.

Accordingly, this is a diet rich in eggs, raw nuts, vegetables, fish, meat, butter, olives, herbs and spices …

According to Dr. William Davis, the elimination of starchy wheat will help you feel fuller for longer, reduce your appetite, reduce your calorie intake.

Why can cutting carbs reduce weight?

Starch is considered a source of energy that helps the body metabolize. Other sources of nutrition, such as protein or fat, also play a supporting role, not as strong and as good as starch.

After eating carbs-containing foods into the body, all will be converted into glucose and produce energy to maintain muscle and brain activity.

If the body does not need to use Glucose, it will be converted into Glycogen and stored in muscle or liver. In contrast, stored glycogen will be broken down into glucose for the body to use when needed.

When the body is full of Glycogen, excess Carbs will be converted into fat.

Therefore, if you cut carbs, your body will have to use stored glycogen, excess glucose in the fat will also be consumed, helping you lose weight.

Say no to starches is really good

In fact now 90% of the products at the store or supermarket contain starch. The reduction in starches in the diet should be done slowly, do not immediately remove all starches at once will make the body “shocked”.

Obesity researcher Zoë Harcombe said switching to a new diet could cause discomfort, cramps, and digestive problems in the early stages.

Izzy Cameron – Nutritionist and health management said that a balanced diet of nutrients is the key to healthy body.

In a nutshell, if you want to start losing weight from reducing carbs, make a gradual reduction, starting with a 1/3 reduction in daily carbs. When your body shows signs of discomfort, increase your carbs, and stick to it until your body gets used to it before you continue to reduce it.

Everyone’s body is different, it’s important that you find a weight loss regime that suits you but still ensures your health.

There are still many mixed opinions about the diet saying no to starch. Therefore, we need to know how to calculate and adjust how to eat enough carbs per day; Avoid letting excess energy easily cause fat accumulation.


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