How many cups of soy milk should I drink each day?

Soy milk is one of the natural products that bring many health benefits. However, overuse of soy milk can cause many health problems. So, how much soy milk should be consumed every day?

How much soy milk should be enough each day?

Soy milk is a product that contains a lot of vitamins A, D, E K and protein and fat components completely not inferior to milk powder. Besides, soy milk is also rich in protein, amino acids, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6) and vitamin E, rich in minerals Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Na, which are good for health.

Children aged 6 months and older can drink soy milk. Soy milk can replace milk powder because it is cool, hypoallergenic and contains a lot of plant protein. This protein does not cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to cow’s milk.

Scientific studies show that soymilk brings many benefits such as: beautifying the skin, increasing breasts, limiting cardiovascular diseases, fighting aging, promoting weight loss, and reversing risk. Prostate cancer and breast cancer in women, prevent osteoporosis … In addition, the amount of phytoestrogens in soy germ helps women treat the syndrome in premenopausal women. Such as hot flashes, reduced libido, hair loss, ..

Despite bringing many health benefits, many people still roll: how much soy milk should be enough each day? According to nutrition experts, every body has a different diet. Usually 1 day should drink 1 cup of soy milk (it is equivalent to 200ml of soy milk). However, depending on the condition of each person that can increase or decrease the amount of milk accordingly.

For those wishing to lose weight, special attention should be paid to limiting the consumption of sugary soy milk products. Drinking sweetened soymilk has no effect on weight loss. Even making weight gain faster.

For a long time many people still misunderstood, soymilk is not good for men health. Because soy milk contains many isoflavones. While isoflavones and estrogen have the same structure, isoflavones are referred to as plant estrogens, but the active ingredient is different from the female hormone hormone. So many people misunderstand that eating a lot of soy contains isoflavones, men will be feminized.

In fact, soy milk is good for men. Because soy milk helps protect the heart, men are encouraged to drink 2 – 3 glasses of soy milk a day.

Some notes when drinking soy milk

As mentioned, soy milk has a good effect in preventing colon cancer, especially for people with diabetes, women … However, to give soy milk the best effect, before drinking Consumers should pay attention to the following:

– Soymilk must be boiled thoroughly before drinking: because soy milk contains enzyme inhibitors trypsin, saponin and some other unfavorable substances, if drinking soy milk raw or not boiled will cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, … even poisoning.

– Do not beat eggs with soy milk: many people believe that whipping eggs with soy milk will increase nutrition. However, this is a completely wrong perspective. Because egg whites when combined with tripsin yeast in soy milk form a precipitating compound that makes it difficult for the body to absorb. Moreover, this substance loses nutrition from milk and eggs.

– Do not drink soy milk: Consumers should drink soy milk together with eating cakes, bread, dumplings … or products made from starch. Starch has the effect of making gastric juice to make nutrients in soy milk be fully digested and absorbed.

– Do not drink too much soy milk: For adults, if drinking more than 500ml of soy in 1 time can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea due to the fact that the positive nutrients are not fully absorbed, affecting function. Digest.

– Do not take the drug with soy milk: some antibiotics like tetracycline, erythromycine have the effect of decomposing nutrients in soy milk.

In addition, soy milk should not be stored in thermostats; those who do not eat, spleen, belching, belching, heartburn should not drink soy milk; Children under 6 months old should not drink soy milk.

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