Diet for people with low blood pressure

Unreasonable eating habits that regularly reduce blood vessel tone and result in hypotension. To improve this situation, people with low blood pressure need to have a proper diet, science and proper exercise. So eating, exercising like? Here are some tips for people with low blood pressure.

Stable blood pressure will reflect the circulating volume in the body, the blood is pumped regularly to the organs. If the blood pressure suddenly rises or drops abnormally, it both makes the body uncomfortable and sometimes leads to dangerous diseases.

Low blood pressure is when the systolic reading is measured lower than 90 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure lower than 60 mmHg.

Signs of a sudden drop in blood pressure are that the person will feel dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, nervous, and have a fast heartbeat; heavier can be drowsiness, confusion, fainting, and loss of consciousness. The sudden drop in blood pressure prevents the brain and other organs in the body from getting enough blood and nutrients, which can cause brain ischemia and brain death.

Therefore, when measuring blood pressure to see that the blood pressure is below 90/60 mmHg, there must be a quick and proper way to give first aid to the patient. The nearest health facility for timely intervention.

Diet for people with low blood pressure

Dividing meals during the day, maintaining 3-4 meals / day: Low blood pressure is common in people who eat less, or skip meals, the distance between meals is too far, leading to reduced blood sugar. So maintaining a reasonable diet of 3-4 meals / day is essential. Especially people with low blood pressure should not be on a diet to lose weight fast.

Some foods that can increase blood pressure can be added: Some foods and drinks have the effect of raising blood pressure such as coffee, thick tea, eating salty foods, ginseng, ventricular powder, celery, grape juice. If low blood pressure is caused by anemia (common in women), iron-rich foods such as lean meat, animal liver, atrial mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms, celery, jute, greens, pomegranates, should be increased. apple.

Eat more salt: Many people think that people with low blood pressure should eat a little salt to increase the volume of circulation in the body thanks to the water’s retention of salt. Normally we eat 10-12g of salt per day, people with high blood pressure should reduce the amount of salt per day to 5g / day and people with low blood pressure should eat 10-15g, eating salty can improve the status of low blood pressure. However, patients should not overdo it because eating too salty will be dangerous to cause hypertension when lying.

Should drink more water: Should drink about 10 cups of water a day, after exercise sports or on hot summer days should use water in a high sodium and potassium composition.

Eat foods good for people with low blood pressure

– Add foods like chicken, fish and vegetables to your diet.

– Should use solid teas, ginger tea, but should not be abused.

– Add honey, milk, lemon juice, especially when feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

– Avoid dehydration, especially after exercising or hot weather, the amount of water will provide potassium and sodium for the body.

– Enhance iron-rich foods such as animal liver, lean meats, shrimp, fish, cereals, shiitakes, cat mushrooms, spinach, jute, grape juice, lotus seeds, jujube, berries, pomegranates, apples …

– Spices like onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, butter, vinegar, wine … are also good for people with low blood pressure.

What do people with low blood pressure abstain from?

People with low blood pressure should limit some foods such as carrots, tomatoes, cats, apples, baked chestnuts, royal jelly, cold foods such as spinach, celery, melon, watermelon, red beans , green beans, garlic, kelp, onions, sunflower seeds … because these are foods that have the effect of lowering blood pressure.

In addition, people with low blood pressure need to limit drinking alcohol because alcohol causes the body to lose water and can lower blood pressure.

The following tips will help you improve your blood pressure effectively:

  • Exercise about 30 minutes a day to control blood pressure.
  • Check with your doctor or other health care professional if you’re not active but want to be more active.
  • Opt for moderate activities, such as walking, swimming or biking, aerobics, badminton, yoga etc. Increase the time and intensity of workouts gradually to suit your health condition
  • Warm up before exercising to avoid injury.
  • Take a few deep breaths before standing up to increase blood circulation to parts of your body.
  • However, patients should be careful when standing up suddenly while lying down and sitting.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise as it causes stretched muscles, leading to poor circulation and affecting your blood pressure.

It is important to remember that the principle is to practice regularly, do as much as you want, not try to, do not practice when you are hungry and right after eating.




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