Detoxify the liver with simple methods

Diet greatly affects the regulation of the liver. Hence, it can have a bad or good effect on your liver. When the liver is poisoned, you should eat foods that help to cleanse the body and detoxify the liver in a healthy way without the use of drugs.

Detoxify the liver with folk remedies

Drink lemon juice

The abundant content of vitanmin C not only has an antioxidant effect on the cells, but also has the ability to stimulate the activities of the liver in the most effective way. Lemon juice helps balance alkaline and PH levels in the body, boosts your immune system, healthy liver and smooth, firm skin. Drink lemon juice every day to purify the liver and body in the best way, not bad but extremely effective.

Eat turmeric

Turmeric helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood, limits blood fats, helps to make the liver healthier, prevents free radicals from attacking your liver. You can use turmeric in fresh form cooked with meat, fish, or as a laxative honey turmeric for liver, skin beauty.

Eat avocado

According to a recent study, scientists have said that avocados are rich in glutathione – a compound that helps in excreting liver toxins extremely well, protecting the liver from the effects of free radicals. At the same time, avocado is also a fruit supplement with vitamins and minerals to enhance the function of the liver, destroy fat, prevent fatty liver disease. For people with liver toxicity, eating avocado regularly will help detoxify the liver very effectively, full of conditions such as bitter mouth, constipation, pimples.

Drink carrot juice

Carrots are one of the foods that are very good for the blood, besides the carotene in carrots can eliminate toxins. When drinking carrot juice, people should add a few drops of honey to increase the flavor as well as increase the detoxification ability.

Eat green beans

The micronutrients in green peas can filter out heavy metals, even a prescription in immediate detoxification such as drug poisoning, food poisoning. Mung bean processing is also very simple and plentiful, you can cook tea, or grind green beans into powder and mix with drinking water.

Drink corn stubble

Corn stubble is a medicine used in folk for a long time. Currently, science has proven that corn stubble can be applied in diseases: cholecystitis, hepatitis with the phenomenon of obstructing bile secretion. Drinking corn stubble in addition to diuretic also increases the secretion of bile, reduces the density and pigmentation of bile in the blood, clears the heat, detoxifies the liver, supports the treatment of boils, rashes.

Drink bitter melon juice

Fresh bitter melon juice, which has hypoglycemic effects, is ideal for people with diabetes. Bitter melon cooking water has a heat effect, suitable for people with hot liver disease.

Drink pennywort juice

Gotu kola has cool properties, so it helps to detoxify the liver very effectively but is safe for the body. Gotu kola is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis: dark yellow skin, hot palms, frequent pain in the lower ribs …

Effective liver detoxification from certain fruits and plants

Eating papaya regularly has the effect of toning blood, treating insomnia, chronic gastritis, helping to restore the liver, increasing the body’s resistance.

Cucumber is used to treat alcohol poisoning very well, it has the effect of protecting liver cells. If drunk, drinking sharp water of roots or leaves will quickly sober up.

Hibiscus contains a very rare type of antioxidant called flavonoid. Flavonoid content is an effective antioxidant that accounts for up to 12% in calyx and 5-6% in Hibiscus leaves. Flavonoids have anti-toxic effects, reduce liver damage, protect liver function, detoxify the liver, reduce blood fat.

The serrated dog, according to folklore used as medicine, crushed with salt to treat boils, especially good for the liver by taking 20-40g of fresh plants, special dry stars for daily drinking.

Cyanophyta is good for liver cells, enhances liver detoxification function, lowers blood fat, prevents atherosclerosis, and stabilizes blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Fresh bitter melon juice, which has hypoglycemic effects, is ideal for people with diabetes. Bitter melon cooking water has a heat effect, suitable for people with hot liver disease.

Chicken eggs, also known as pearkima, are also a fruit that contains many carotene, vitamin B3 and other B groups of vitamins, which are anti-aging, especially the essential oils extracted from pearkima seeds are also capable of healing. wound.

Gac is used to cook sticky rice that is delicious, beautiful and laxative, good for digestion, especially Gac contains a lot of betacarontene, vitamin A precursor, beneficial for the eyes. In the red film surrounding Gac seed contains vitamin E, effective to fight darkening, dry skin, and hair loss.

Garlic helps restore allicin, a natural compound in the body, has anti-cancer and cardiovascular diseases, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

6 liver antidote dishes

Lesson 1: Good for blood, nourishing liver: 100g pig liver, 1 chicken egg, onion 4-5 plants. Liver washed, sliced, boiled water, pounded eggs and stirred, when cooked for onions, spices are okay. Can eat long.

Lesson 2: Reducing blood pressure, eliminating toxins in the liver: 100g glutinous rice, 60g dandelion, 30g honeysuckle, just enough spice. Dandelion, honeysuckle

sharpen for juice, remove residue. Rice is washed, soaked in water for half an hour. Place the pot on the stove, pour the broth, boil, then simmer for 1 hour until it is tender, then pour the medicated water to cook together. Divide 2 warm meals. 15 days is a course.

Lesson 3: Heat, suitable for people with hot liver: Bitter melon cut the upper part, washed, cut into thin slices, dried or dried. When using, keep in a boiling water bottle, cover tightly for about 30 minutes. Or: Fresh bitter melon 1 – 2 fruits, clean, cut in half, cook with water, boil for about 10 minutes, let cool to change tea daily.

Lesson 4: Protect liver cells, support treatment of liver diseases: 35g tomato roots or stalks, sharp with 1 liter of water, 300ml, divided to drink 3 times a day.

Lesson 5: Helping dialysis, antioxidant, liver tonic: 100g rice, 150g goat liver, onion, ginger, cooking oil, just enough spices. Wash goat liver, cut into small pieces. Rice is washed clean, porridge simmered over low heat until porridge is tender, liver is cooked. Eat while still hot. The day is divided into 2 times in the morning and afternoon on an empty stomach.

Lesson 6: Liver restoration, antioxidant, immune cell activation: Lean meat 0.5kg, royal crop 10g, peas 50g, cabbage 200g, salt, pepper just enough. How to do: Lean meat, slices, blanch, then remove. Hoang Ky washed, washed cabbage sliced, washed peas. Pour water into the pot to boil, add royal regrowth, boil lean meat, turn low heat to cook for 1 hour, add cabbage, peas and cook for 20 minutes, season with salt, pepper and eat when hot. 10 days is a course.

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