Bitter melon is really good for pregnancy health?

Bitter melon is a popular food widely used throughout Southeast Asia as a medicine. But for pregnant women, is bitter melon a suitable dish?

Bitter melon is known as a food that provides many essential nutrients for the body such as thiamin, foliate, riboflavin, vitamins like B1, B2, B3, C and essential minerals like calcium, iron and beta. -caroten.

According to scientific research, this fruit has a stimulating effect on eating, inflammation and heat. In addition, bitter melon also helps increase the body’s immune system to inhibit cancer cells. People with diabetes often use bitter melon to drink water to lower blood sugar very well.

Although the benefits of bitter melon are undeniable, for pregnant women, eating bitter melon needs to be carefully weighed between the benefits and the benefits of this fruit. Pregnant women should eat bitter melon fried eggs?

Benefits of bitter melon for pregnant women

Avoid birth defects: Folate is one of the important nutrients for fetal development. Thanks to folate, pregnant women can avoid the risk of fetal neural tube socks. According to scientific research, the folate in bitter melon is quite high, accounting for 25% of the pregnant woman’s folate requirements.

Prevent constipation and hemorrhoids: Many pregnant women often feel confused and tired when suffering from constipation or hemorrhoids in the long run. With the high fiber content of bitter melon, pregnant women use this fruit during meals to help minimize the symptoms of this “uncomfortable” disease.

High nutrient content: Bitter melon provides many important nutrients for pregnant women. In addition to vitamins such as Vitamin C, B and B1, bitter melon also contains other minerals such as zinc, manganese, and iron which are essential for the development of pregnancy.

Strengthen the immune system: Pregnant women need to be healthy to resist the entry of viruses, harmful bacteria to protect the fetus. Moreover, this is also an important time for pregnant mothers not to use drugs to avoid affecting the development of the baby. Bitter melon provides a large amount of vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system, heal wounds, fight inflammation, reduce fever very well for pregnant women. Thanks to eating bitter melon, pregnant women can rest assured to meet 50% of vitamin C in the daily diet.

Limit gestational diabetes: Bitter melon contains charatin, a mineral that helps prevent diabetes effectively. Not only for gestational diabetes, people with chronic diabetes are also recommended.

Pregnant women can eat bitter melon?

Although bitter melon has many good uses, but not everyone can eat this fruit. Pregnant women eat bitter melon in large quantities can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. The bitter taste of this fruit can constrict the stomach and uterus. Especially pregnant women with uterus reclining, uterine scarring or abortion many times should not eat bitter melon.

In addition, pregnant women who eat a lot of bitter melon also have some problems such as:

Adverse effects on digestion: Bitter melon has welding properties (similar to vegetables, moringa), eating a lot can cause cold in the stomach. Especially pregnant women suffering from gastrointestinal disease, eating a lot of bitter melon are prone to diarrhea, stomach cramps, or even uterine bleeding.

Hypoglycemia: Pregnant women have dizziness, headache, sweating, even dizziness and fainting. When used too much bitter melon can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Causing poisoning: Bitter melon contains poisoning ingredients such as quinine, saponic, glycosides, morodicine. Pregnant women eat bitter melon can cause vomiting, blurred vision, rash, diarrhea.

Increased liver enzymes: Eating too much bitter melon will cause liver enzymes to rise, causing the shape of liver cells to change. If you eat bitter melon is grown in areas of heavy metal, susceptible to poisoning, liver damage.

Pregnant women with anemia should not eat because of the vicine content in bitter melon can cause abdominal cramps, inhibiting the transmission of blood from mother to fetus.

In addition, bitter melon has very little fiber and fat, so it is not suitable for the diet of pregnant women.

Pregnant women should eat bitter melon fried eggs?

Bitter melon stir-fried eggs is a favorite dish of many people, both rich in nutrition and easy to eat to reduce the bitterness, good for health. However, pregnant women are best not to eat (or if available, only 1-2 pieces only).

Hopefully, through this article, pregnant women know that pregnant women should eat bitter melon fried eggs to get a scientific diet, balanced health for both mother and fetus. There are many other foods that are both safe and nutritious that moms can use to replace bitter melon in pregnancy.


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