Young children should drink warm water even in the summer

Drinking warm water is good for your health, especially for young children. So even in the summer if possible you should still create your baby this habit.

So how much warm water should children need a day?

For infants under 6 months: if exclusively breastfed or formula fed properly according to the directions on the formula, there is no need for children to drink water, but if the child sweats a lot when rickets , or go beyond constipation, you can also give children more from 100-200ml / day.

For children 6 – 12 months: water demand is 100ml / kg / day (including milk). For example, a child weighing 8kg needs 800ml of water, if he drinks 600ml of milk, he needs to supplement 200ml / day as boiled water to cool fresh fruit juice, boiled vegetable water …

Children> 1 year of age: 10 kg children need 1 liter of water a day (including milk), children> 10kg per kg add 50ml, can estimate the daily amount of water for children as follows:

Amount of drinking water (ml) = 1000 ml + n x 50 (n = number of kg of the child – 10)

For example, a child weighing 13 kg needs: 1000 ml + (3 x 50ml) = 1150 ml, if the child drinks 500ml of milk, the amount of water to add is: 1150 – 500 = 650 ml

Generally children from 10 years and older drinking water by adults: 2 – 2.5l / day

On average, every day young children have to get 1 to 1.5 liters of water to the body. This amount of water is sufficient for all body activities. In the case of children exercising a lot with toys like bicycles for children or playing soccer outdoors, this number may increase. However, in the summer, how to drink water is the best, few people know it.

Since ancient times when our fathers did not have modern technology equipment like today, daily drinking water all boiled, cooled and drank when it was warm or normal temperature. The effect of warm water on the body is certainly not known. It helps stabilize body temperature, fight toothache and ensure never to have a sore throat.

However, now all families are equipped with refrigerators, so it is somewhat abusive of it. Children often use cold water to drink. This is very bad for health. Only when the outdoor temperature is too high should use cool water to help the baby cool down. When the weather is stable and children only play some toys for babies in the house, they should not do so.

While thirsty can drink a glass of cold water will refresh immediately, but the effect is later not equal to a glass of warm water. When drinking warm water, the body is cool from the inside, giving us a sense of comfort, reducing thirst in the long run. If the child drinks cold water, he or she may drink more glasses of water to stop thirst.

One of the main causes of sore throat in young children is also because parents give their children too much cold water. Under the age of 12 months, you should absolutely avoid cold water. Always have a warm or cool water bottle in the stroller ready for use at any time. Do not because of the negligence of parents that children must use cold water instead.

According to the folk experience, it is precisely thanks to the regular drinking of warm water that people’s life expectancy is also enhanced. Because warm water has the effect of stabilizing body temperature, regulating the body and more importantly blood circulation. Therefore, let’s give this child a good habit from an early age.


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