You should do these things every day to train your child’s memory

Smart children need good memory. In addition to genetic factors, parents can completely train their memory through daily activities and play.

1. Capture the time when your child has the best memory

Parents must definitely grasp the time when children have the strongest memory. In the process of raising children, the best time for children to remember is before going to bed and the morning to wake up.

Therefore, before children go to sleep, parents can tell children a fairy tale, can sing or read a poem for young children.

For older children, parents help children visualize, remember, rearrange the knowledge they have learned. This is a great way for children to remember the lesson in a scientific and fastest way.

Similarly, after waking, the brain has the best memory. That is why children who study at dawn in the morning often learn more quickly.

2. Play memory-using games.

Ask questions when you take your baby out. For example, when passing a friend’s house, you ask the child, “Who lives here?” Games like this will help your child write more experiences into memory so he can recall information when needed.

3. Show you how to do a job.

Baby imitates the actions of parents. If you want your baby to do something, like putting one cube on another, show them how you do it and then let them do it again. Practice is better than observation, practice helps your baby retain information longer. You must also make sure your baby repeats this task over and over on different occasions. Babies learn through each example individually, so they will remember if you repeat an action.

4. Ensuring sleep for children

Sleep is important for the brain to have time to rest and to regenerate. If children sleep early, getting enough sleep in a day will help better memory.

Conversely, if insomnia, the child’s mind will not work well, children will be very easy to forget. Therefore, parents should train children the habit of going to bed at 9 and sleep straight to train memory better.

5. Stimulate children’s imagination

Nothing helps your memory better by pictures. So encourage your child to draw pictures in his or her mind when listening to stories or reading.

For example, when you tell a child a fairy tale, ask her what the characters look like, ask her to describe in as much detail as possible. If your child can’t use words, ask your child to draw on paper. In this way, your baby’s imagination will improve, thereby increasing the ability to remember through images.

6. Give your child lots of free operating space

Give children a free space, let them learn to think and solve problems by themselves, playing by themselves. When children play some small games, adults can focus on their physical considerations.

This time, when the child’s imagination is high, they will help children express their feelings, improve their ability to express and also develop their ability to solve problems.

7. Pay attention to your baby’s diet

Nutrition is extremely important in the physical and intellectual development of children. Therefore, parents need to nurture children a balanced diet.

To promote the development of children’s memory, parents should give children a lot of brain food, enhance brain health, such as almonds, walnuts …

Give your child plenty of protein-containing foods, plus zinc to help boost memory.


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