Which sport is best for children’s health?

Physical activity is very important for children. Not only is this one of the best ways to help children fight obesity, but it also enhances their health.

Fortunately, most children have a natural desire to play. Registering for them to play sports is a great way to improve health and improve morale.

The importance of physical activities for children is undeniable, to be honest, it is no small mistake when children do not have the opportunity to participate in this invaluable resource in life. Here is a list of the 7 best sports for children’s health that you can refer to.

Children should exercise to improve their daily health

The world around is full of interesting things, so that your child can freely discover many things outside society, it is necessary to have a good health.

After stressful classes at school, your baby comes home and embraces the phone, the computer, the television, or plays with the baby toys … this habit makes the baby become passive. explore but also make people drowsy, health is not as good as the hard working friends.

Instead of always nagging children to go out to mobilize their parents should encourage them to participate in activities or play with your baby games on health campaign. Babies under 12 months who have not exercised much should just go outside to play in buoys and steam houses to breathe fresh air and it is also very good for health.

Help your baby find their favorite sport.

Instead of forcing children to play a sport that mothers think is good for their children, they should let their children choose the sport they like to play so that they can focus on playing it, not trying to force it completed for finished.

If your child likes to swim, sign up for a swim course at the center, practice with them, the whole family will have a good time together. Or your child likes bicycles, buy them one. a baby bike suitable for your age, maybe later you will become a cyclist …

If your baby doesn’t choose a sport, parents should let him try it out but through different sports help him choose or let him join clubs, or watch sports movies to create love like a certain subject

1. Basketball

With just a ball and a basket, this sport is a great way to get children moving.

When playing basketball, children will learn to control their body through defensive and offensive basketball skills. Perform quick passes to improve thinking, improve reflexes, hand eye coordination quickly. In particular, the fast-running moves with the ball help improve muscle strength and develop agility.

2. Football

In addition to basketball, football is also one of the best popular sports for children to play. Children 4 years of age and older can be trained to play this sport.

Playing basketball helps children learn how to work in groups, improve equity, discipline and a host of other physical benefits. It promotes muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, weight control and cardio endurance. Volleyball helps to improve the dexterity of the foot, increases balance and is especially good for the cardiovascular system.

3. Swimming

If you still have questions about which sport is best for the health of children, it is swimming. Great sport to help children solve the problems of fear of heights and water. It is also a sport that once learned is never forgotten. Your children can develop their abilities without competing with anyone.

Swimming is also great for lung function by teaching breathing control when underwater, improving muscle strength extremely effectively.

4. Cycling 

All children love the feeling of cycling on their own feet. So why not give your child a try of this sport so that they can instill a sense of freedom, independence and pride.

The first thing a child learns from cycling is safety and endurance on the road. Socially, they will learn patience, discipline and self-respect. On the other hand, cycling improves the strength of the legs, coordinates reflexes, improves balance, controls weight and enhances cardiovascular function.

5. Inline skating

Inline skating develops patience and encourages coordination of reflexes. The body develops agility, increases muscle strength, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body balance.

6. Run

Running is a great activity for children. There is no cost to join this sport. Running brings concentration, endurance, improves muscle strength, good for the cardiovascular system. Regular practice sessions help strengthen the immunity, good for the lungs thereby reducing the risk of common colds and flu.

7. Gymnastics

Gymnastics has become more and more popular among children. The first and most important benefit from this sport is balance, flexibility. Socially, it encourages a child to become stronger and more confident.

However, we should also create self-discipline when helping mothers do housework.

Letting children help their parents with housework is also one of the most effective ways for them to help them work and help them to create good habits, help children become more independent. Child psychology loves to be treated as “an adult.”

If you are a boy, try asking him to help out with chores and thank him as a “hero”. If you are a girl, you can gently share your hard work and ask your child to help with chores. When children are formed a personality like to help from a young age, they will not have the habit of sitting still playing while people are struggling to work.

Children always feel happy and proud when they prove their important role to others. Let me have a good health and good habits moms!


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