When kids go to the kitchen – A great gift from mom

Have you ever put your children in the kitchen? Photos of your children squirming, messing things up so cute, right? From the kitchen, children will feel the warmth of the family, helping them to love people and be more independent. So, let me go to the kitchen how to best teach me. Please refer to a few of our tips below!

According to research, the majority of children who are exposed to and participate in housework develop emotional well. They know how to love their family, be able to plan to make and complete them, and get along well with everyone around them. In addition, for the children to cook, they also nurture their awareness of the importance of family meals and share household chores in life.
Bringing children to the kitchen is also a way to unite the mother and child to create awareness and healthy eating habits. When they contribute their efforts to create dishes, children will find it extremely interesting and meaningful. Children will eat and drink delicious food that they make even though it is not as good as every day. Therefore, going to the kitchen will help me feel better and learn more about the animal and plant world. Children will be able to distinguish, identify foods, quantify spices, objects and kitchen appliances, …

1. What age should teach children to cook?

Teaching cooking for children will help their children learn to be independent, able to take care of themselves and help them develop more comprehensively. So when is the best time to equip young boys and girls with cooking knowledge? You will be surprised to learn that you can expose your child to the kitchen when he or she is 2 years old. You can ask your child to pick up vegetables. That helps children distinguish between fruits and familiarize themselves with kitchen appliances. As children get older, put them in the kitchen more often with other tasks such as washing tubers, fetching water, etc. When your child is 7 years old, you can teach your child how to make a meal menu and how to Let your children make their own menus!

2. Tips to keep kids interested in the kitchen for a long time

However, not 100% of children like to be in the kitchen with their parents, especially for active and playful boys. There are some children who see this as a mandatory job, some children are apathetic, depressed, even strongly opposed each time they go to the kitchen and have to touch their hands and feet to work.

For such children, you should not force it, it only makes children become more disgusted and irritable. Please apply some of the following:

Make children happy when they go to the kitchen

Cooking with children also implies that we are showing children a value, being in the kitchen is just as fun as the living room, bedroom or private room. You avoid being in conflict with other people in the kitchen, which makes children wary that the kitchen is stressful, tired and does not want to be in it.

So invite your husband to cook together, when your child sees that both parents are in the kitchen, they will be curious, want to participate in the cooking instead of being alone.

In the process of cooking, you should also show a happy, happy attitude. This will spread positive emotions to the baby, helping them to see this is an interesting job, well worth the participation.

Working with children and playing

You should stay by and guide your children when they are working. Avoiding children to do alone will create feelings of depression, no companionship. Working together like this helps children understand the power of family solidarity. Conversely, in the process of working with your child, you have more time to guide your baby, teach them good things at work, life.

Mothers, make everyday kitchen an interesting playground for children. You can play games with your child to learn how to identify foods with their colors and functions. For older children, let your child pick up the vegetables and wash them the fastest! The feeling of victory will strongly encourage and motivate children to continue the process of conquering children’s dishes. So, please give me a little bit!

Praise and thank you child

Use compliments whenever your child does something. For example, you can praise your child picking clean vegetables, he has a good taste or thank him each time he helps his parents cook …

These are great values ​​for children. Praise, thanks for encouragement, great encouragement. Thanks to that, the child finds the kitchen completely comfortable, able for children to show their talents.

Every day a strange thing

Children are excited to meet new things. Therefore, every day mom should teach children a different part. Today, you can teach your child to distinguish between spices, teach him how to wash vegetables and pick vegetables tomorrow. For children who already know these basics, try letting them choose today’s food to develop their creativity.

Let children enjoy the fruits

After the process of going to the kitchen with your children, you should reward them with delicious food created by them. You can actively pick up the delicious pieces, describe the taste of the food you feel or talk about the food that your child likes the next time you cook.

Providing children with achievements helps them to understand the value of labor. Since then, the next time, children will be happy, excited and more responsible to enter the kitchen. This is one of the effective ways to raise children that many mothers are applying.

3. Notes to know

  • Remind and warn children of dangerous tools likely to injure children such as knives, scissors, gas cookers, etc. Besides, mothers should pay close attention to observe and monitor their actions to prevent promptly prevent children from potential dangers
  • Must teach children to wash their hands before and after cooking, after sneezing and using the toilet.
  • I often had to clean up the “battlefield” that I laid out.

It is not too difficult for children to cook together, but you should also pay attention to avoid some dangers. Do not let children arbitrarily use a knife, fire, gas … At the same time you should also consider the age of the baby, to see what the baby is suitable for any job.

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