When does your baby start eating miles?

Mothers who give birth to their first baby are always worried about a few months before they should start feeding babies. And if your child starts to practice weaning, they should choose the weaning bread for their baby how best.
With these questions we will be answered with the following article.

How many babies should they use miles to eat?

The older your baby gets, the higher their nutritional needs are. Breast milk is starting to be no longer the only source of nutrition for babies. Babies need complementary foods to develop both physically and mentally. For young mothers, not having much practical experience is always difficult when they do not know how many years old to feed your baby is the best. More specifically, mothers with less milk.

According to the pediatricians, the most appropriate time for weaning is at 4-6 months of age for babies to be able to practice weaning. At this time, the baby’s digestive system has begun to improve, but until 6 months, it is really the most accurate answer to the question “how old should the baby eat miles”. Because now the baby’s digestive system is able to fully absorb nutrients, proteins, eggs, fish, milk, … in addition to the daily food cooked by the mother, it is possible to add extra weaning cakes for babies , so that your baby can absorb more nutrients.

Harm when feeding your baby too early

The fact that mothers breastfeed their babies too early, not according to the prescribed time, will not bring any effect, otherwise they may cause the baby to have the following problems:

  • Babies are easily bored with breast milk.
  • Increased risk of obesity.
  • Food allergy prone.
  • Your baby’s kidneys may be damaged.
  • Vulnerable to stomach, digestive disorders.
  • There is a risk of suffocation due to choking.
  • Baby’s sleep is indirectly affected.

Signs when children reach weaning section.

  • Your baby wants to suck more
  • Often crying in the evening and demanding to suck
  • Babies suckle hands
  • Look at adults when eating
  • Babies are excited to be fed by their parents

Through the above signs, the mother was more confident when determining that the baby should feed her baby at the best time. Pay attention to your baby’s nutritional supply at this stage so that he or she develops the best in addition to what the mother makes. Mothers can buy for their baby a box of weaning biscuits for babies, weaning biscuits still provide a lot of nutrients suitable for their needs such as protein, iron, zinc, vitamins, … .

Children eat several meals a day in each month

According to the World Health Organization, the best time to eat solid foods is from 6 months of age. However, in some cases, the mother can still feed her baby from 4 to 6 months and the baby can achieve the conditions such as keeping the head straight, doubling the body weight at birth …

4-month-old babies eat weaning

At 4 months of age, the digestive system is still immature, so if the mother feeds him at this time, the frequency of feeding the baby on the first day only needs 1 time / day for the baby to become familiar with foods besides breast milk. After that, will increase to 2 meals / day when the baby reaches 5 months of age. Mothers can add porridge water, rice broth or vegetable soup or formula for babies at the first meals.

In the first days of weaning, mothers should reduce the amount of milk by 2/3 of the time when mixing milk with boiled water. After the baby has gotten used to it, the mother can increase the amount of milk again as usual.

With porridge water, mother can cook from ordinary rice or sticky rice.

With vegetable juice: Wash all green vegetables and fruits, cut them into small pieces and simmer. Then, grind thoroughly with a spoon, filter to get water to make milk.

Note: When feeding 4-month-old babies, mothers should feed little by little. Do not give your baby too much.

5-month-old babies eat weaning

If the mother is training for 5-month-old babies to eat solid foods, then for the first few days, she should only give him a meal a day. The amount of food is also from a little to a lot for babies to get used to new foods. If your baby has started weaning from the 4th month, mom can feed your baby 2 meals / day, about 3 teaspoons each meal. As children get used to it, they will keep feeding 2 meals / day.

Some snacks for 5 months old mothers can refer to: soft white porridge, cauliflower powder, sweet potato powder.

6-month-old babies eat weaning

When the baby turned to June, the mother also maintained only 2 meals per day. At this time, mom can cook porridge with 4 food groups (meat / fish, rice, vegetables / tubers, oil / fat) so that your child can get used to the energy food. However, mothers should also note that the gap between the two meals should be separated, so that the baby has enough time to digest old food and add new foods.

This time does not matter how many meals a day, but let your baby eat a little to a lot, eat little by little, carefully measure the nutritional groups so that there is no shortage of one group and excess of the other.

7-month-old babies eat weaning

The intestinal tract of 7-month-old babies is more fully developed, so now they are ready to explore more food besides porridge. In a baby’s meal, the mother should make sure the ingredients from starch, protein, fat and vitamins from fruits.

This is also the stage when children start the teething process, so instead of feeding your baby pureed porridge or weaning powder, moms can gradually increase the roughness of the food so that they practice chewing reflexes. Mothers can increase from 2 meals to 3 meals / day. Breast milk is still the main source of nutrition that she needs to maintain every day.

8-month-old babies eat solids

Children who traditionally eat solids at 8 months of age still have to eat solids. In addition, she can alternate extra meals.

The stomach of 8-month-old babies is still very small, so moms should feed them slowly, do not force them to eat too much at once. Can maintain 3 meals a day and eat with family meals.

9-month-old babies eat solids

Infants 9 months old can eat 3 meals / powder daily with 4 groups of nutritional vitamins, protein, fat and fiber with breast milk or formula milk. For babies who have been rough fed early, they can now eat solid flour or pureed rice.

In addition to 3 main meals, moms can give your baby 3-4 extra meals. Meals should not be spread out throughout the day because it will affect the playing and sleeping time of the child.

Principles that mothers need to remember when feeding babies

Weaning is the first meal your baby is exposed to in addition to breast milk, so you need to find out carefully and choose the most suitable nutritional powder for your baby.

Although the baby has been taught to eat miles, this is only a snack, breast milk is still the main source of nutrition for babies up to 12 months of age.

Start feeding your baby with thin meals (thicker than breast milk), as the baby gets used to switching to a thicker form of food.

The mother should only feed the baby, do not force the baby to eat too much.

Starting from dilute to gradually eat more solid food

Babies from 6 to 7 months: 1 meal of liquid powder from 100 to 200ml

Babies from 8 to 9 months: 2 meals about 200ml thicker

Babies from 10 to 12 months: 3 solid meals about 200 to 250ml

Babies from 12 to 24 months: 3 meals of 250 to 300ml porridge

Babies over 24 months can start eating with family










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