What parents need when a child is bitten by an insect

Children are often hyperactive, making them vulnerable to insect bites and stings. It is important to identify signs of child bites and initial management. What treatment and precautions should parents know when a child is bitten by an insect?

Are young children bitten by insects?

Many insect bites occur only with mild local reactions, such as swelling, redness, itching, and often go away on their own. But in many cases, the child’s resistance is not enough to fight off the pathogens, so a poisonous insect bite can cause reactions such as systemic allergies, hives, and swelling. masonry, or infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, etc. So what should children do with insect bites?

Cause young children are bitten by insects

Young skin is inherently fragile and sensitive, which is why children are very susceptible to irritation and allergies when insects such as ants, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bee stings and bovine worms … In addition There are some other impacts, such as:

  • The clothes for children are dark and dark
  • Dining out
  • Contact with insect nest or nest
  • Perfume
  • Large clothes
  • Outdoor playing

Signs children are bitten by insects

The basic signs when children are bitten by insects are often varied and complex. Some children may experience itching, minor swelling and go away on their own. Some children have a sensitive environment, where an insect bite can cause swelling and redness, sometimes blisters, boils, causing pain due to the body reacting to allergens from bites, stings, hairs of insects.

Depending on the type of insect and the child, the skin lesions of each baby will be different. Ants, flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs bite the skin appears erythema, slightly swollen, stinging sensation. With the bite of the fire ant, there are more symptoms of swelling and blisters, causing pain.

With bee stings, especially bumblebees cause intense pain, discomfort because bee stings have venom. If burning most is the face, neck, there are symptoms: vomiting, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, edema in the whole body, a drop in blood pressure that is life-threatening.

For bugs, tick bites, the fever lasts, accompanied by red rash all over the body. With spider bites, skin swelling, redness and soreness; May cause fever, dizziness.

Need to know the level of lightness to take care of yourself or ask a physician. Mild manifestations after being bitten by an insect such as: moderate soreness at the bite, then subsiding, erythema eruptions on the skin surface or swelling associated with the site, much itching. With severity: generalized urticaria, shortness of breath, anaphylaxis, cold hands and feet, mild pulse …, children should be taken to a medical facility for treatment.

What to do when a child is bitten by an insect

Wash and clean the baby:

Not only will the area be bitten by an insect but also need to clean two children’s hands, to reduce the risk of infection when itching scratches baby.

Help children reduce irritation, reduce itching:

Use gel or cream applied to insect bites to reduce discomfort immediately for the child. Because young children keep scratching when itching, losing the cream before the cream has penetrated, so the itch heals very long and is more and more swollen. Therefore, you should give preference to a gel with a cool, soothing ingredient to soothe itchiness immediately after application. When the baby feels cool, the child will stop scratching, the itch will not be scratched or inflamed.

Help prevent inflammation:

When the child is itchy, the child will scratch until the itch is scratched and swollen or fester. In order for the wound to heal quickly, it is necessary to use a topical gel that helps reduce inflammation or anti-inflammatory by natural mechanism, the bite will quickly heal completely and leave no deep scars or if there is a scar very dim, very few .

Preventing scars:

Once the itch has healed and the dark scar has left, apply the gel to fade the scar and apply it to the bruise daily until the bruise fades and is no longer visible. If you take care of the itch bites caused by insects in the first place, your baby’s skin will have no or no dark scars and bad scars.

How to prevent young children from insect bites

Should wear long clothes for children in the early morning and early evening. If going out, wear socks and a wide-brimmed hat. Colors that parents should choose are bright colors, summer wear material is thin and cool so that children sweat uncomfortable.

Parents should use bed nets when sleeping to avoid being attacked by insects when sleeping.
If there is a condition to spray insecticide once a year, my family often spray insects on holidays, now the family comes back home so chemicals do not affect health

In addition, you can use more types of insect repellent

Children with insect bites should see a doctor immediately if:

  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Swollen face, mouth or throat
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fast heart beat
  • Dizziness or tiredness
  • Faint
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