What is Pregnancy cholestasis? causes, signs, treatment

During pregnancy, the health of the mother and fetus is very important. So have you heard the phrase “cholestasis of pregnancy” yet? So what is it really, is it dangerous and how can it be treated? Let’s see the article together!

1. What is pregnancy secretion? Causes of cholestasis during pregnancy

The term “gestational cholestasis” refers to a condition in which pregnancy impairs the flow of bile – digestive fluids that are produced in the liver, enter the gallbladder, move down the intestines to break down fat. This syndrome usually occurs late in pregnancy and causes intense itchy irritation, on the hands, feet or many other parts of the body. Although the sensations posed by this cholestasis do not pose a long-term risk to the mother’s body, it can be dangerous to the developing fetus.

In general, the cause of pregnancy cholestasis is not clear, it may be monotonic or hormonal. According to some studies, this complication is hereditary as 12% in sisters and 15% in women whose mothers have had cholestasis. The increase in hormones during pregnancy affects the flow of bile acids, causing acid to spill into the bloodstream, accumulating under the skin, causing an itchy sensation for pregnant mothers. When there are unusual symptoms, go to reputable hospitals for prompt treatment.

2. Some signs of pregnancy cholestasis

2.1. Itching

Because bile acids accumulate under the skin, women experiencing cholestasis in pregnancy will feel extremely itchy, especially in the arms, hands, feet, and legs. Itching more at night makes pregnant mothers easy to lose sleep, tired. The condition may worsen later in pregnancy.

2.2. Dark urine

Because the metabolism of substances in the liver is affected, bile acids are excreted, so when going to the toilet, pregnant mothers often see urine with a darker color than normal.

2.3. Right side quadrant pain

A painful stomach feeling, especially in the right quadrant, is a common sign of pregnancy cholestasis. When you feel abdominal pain in this position in the late stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should quickly see a doctor to diagnose ultrasound and have timely remedy.

2.4. Pale stools

Light colored stools (also called fatty stools) due to the accumulation of undigested fats and excretion.

2.5 Jaundice

Another symptom that may be less common for pregnant women is that it is still a sign of pregnancy cholestasis with jaundice, mild jaundice in the last weeks of pregnancy. In addition, pregnant mothers can refer to foods that increase resistance to pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

2.6. Nausea

Nausea is a common feeling during pregnancy. But when a pregnant woman has cholestasis, this nausea comes from discomfort in the intestinal tract and the upper right abdomen.

Pregnant mothers note that you may not experience any of the signs above, but in fact you still have cholestasis in pregnancy. Therefore, regular prenatal check-ups, or using a service package of pregnancy check-ups and care for the whole pregnancy or each stage are especially important for both mother and baby to be healthy.

3. How to cure pregnancy cholestasis

The pruritus of pregnant mothers may go away a few days after birth, but because cholestasis can affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, for the fetus, this prolonged condition can have a dangerous impact on baby’s health. So mothers must promptly treat them promptly, especially in the coming months.

3.1. Examination at a specialized hospital

When the above signs of pregnancy cholestasis appear, the most obvious is severe itching, the mother needs to immediately go to a specialist hospital for examination. Doctors will make a diagnosis through blood tests to check the status of liver function, bilirubin and bile acids in the blood. If the problem is identified, the doctor will do an ultrasound and check the fetal heart. At the same time, prescribe with certain drugs that help relieve itching and prevent absorption of bile by mouth (such as Ursodiol) or topical (Lotion Calamine). You need to use according to the dosage set by your doctor, do not arbitrarily buy topical or oral medications, be careful with corticosteroids that are harmful to the fetus.

3.2. Take a cold bath

The cool, comfortable body will help pregnant mothers feel more comfortable. A cold bath (in the summer) is also a popular remedy for pregnancy cholestasis. In addition, mothers can lower room temperature and apply ice to help slow the flow of blood in the body.

3.3. Supplement with vitamin K

Supplement foods rich in vitamin K, found in spinach, kale, basil, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, … to help prevent the risk of blood clotting disorders. You should buy organic vegetables with clear origin to ensure the quality of nutrition for pregnant mothers.

The above are some of the signs and ways to help mitigate pregnancy cholestasis occurring during pregnancy, hoping to help pregnant mothers understand and take care of the body more effectively. Note that if the mother’s condition is more severe, on examination, doctors can prescribe early delivery even under the age of month to ensure the safety of the fetus. So pregnant women should not be too pressured, choose a package of antenatal care and delivery services so that doctors are always there to provide necessary instructions to help mothers and babies stay healthy.

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