Ways for children to eat and drink yogurt properly

In your baby’s daily menu, except for formula, yogurt is a nutritious and delicious food supplement. Feeding yogurt and yogurt properly will help your baby absorb the maximum nutrients in this food.

How to use yogurt to eat properly

Nutrition ingredients in yogurt include vitamins, calcium, fat, protein, probiotics … help children develop physically and intellectually well, digestive system works well, helps children gain weight effectively.

– However, it is not for the sake of yogurt that parents feed their babies too much. The appropriate amount of yogurt for each age is as follows:

From 6 months to under 1 year old: 50 grams / day

From 1 year old to 2 years old: 80 grams / day

From 2-3 years: 100 grams / day

From 3 years and older: 200 grams / day

– Besides, do not give your baby yogurt too hot or too cold. Yogurt should be stored in the refrigerator, and removed before feeding for 15-20 minutes.

– Children should be fed at night or after breakfast. Do not give your baby on an empty stomach, because when he is hungry, his stomach’s pH is 2, the acid in the stomach will kill the beneficial bacteria in yogurt and calcium excretion.

– Do not combine yogurt with medicine, because some components of the drug, especially antibiotics, can kill beneficial bacteria.

– Should choose to buy natural fermented yogurt, does not contain preservatives and colorings, chemical sugar.

How to use yogurt to drink properly

– Drinking yogurt has the same effect as eating yogurt, but when your baby is 1 year of age or older can give it to your baby. Drinking yogurt has a higher level of probiotics than yogurt, so your baby’s digestive system needs to grow to a certain stage before it can be absorbed.

– Babies with milk allergies should not use drinking yogurt because drinking yogurt is basically a preparation of milk.

– Like with yogurt, do not give yogurt to drink when your baby is hungry or before and after taking antibiotics to avoid losing beneficial bacteria.

– The recommended amount for a yogurt drink is a small bottle daily. This amount of yogurt is enough to provide the nutrition and probiotics necessary for the baby’s body during the day.

– Do not use yogurt to drink with pickled sauerkraut, salted meat, sausage, cold meat … These foods contain nitrite, when combined with amines in drinking yogurt will create cancer-causing toxins.

Using yogurt or drinking yogurt are good for your baby’s health if parents know how to give them the right way. Stay tuned for our articles on nutrition for babies!


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