Understand the psychology of 5-year-old children to better parenting

Psychology of 5-year-old children has changed a lot and parents sometimes seem to feel powerless to teach children. Refer immediately to the article to be more effective on child psychology and how to teach children.

By the age of 5, children begin to have an outstanding awareness and development in all aspects, both physically, intellectually, linguistically and personally. At this age, children begin to express their opinions and are often stubborn. So, what did you understand about the mentality of a 5-year-old child to shape a child into a good child?

At this age, children are often active, playful and have many social activities with friends, like children like to play group games. Children begin to acquire new knowledge at school, develop their ability to think logically as well as improve their intelligence and language. In general, the psychology of 5-year-old children often has the following characteristics

1. Selfish child

5-year-old children begin to become aware of themselves, they know how to love themselves and begin to appear selfish, not wanting to share everything with others. Children are aware of what is their own property, what is owned by others, and they only focus on their own interests without knowing the people around them. This is a two-sided personality, on the one hand it will help children to be always aware and develop their self-esteem, but on the other hand if the child is outrageous without the discipline of the young adult, he will become a bad person. .

With selfishness the child will isolate himself, befriended by his friends, and the people around him. Therefore, in this case, parents need to observe and shape the baby from the beginning, especially with the only children. Teach your children how to share toys with friends and siblings in the home. Let your child see his joy when receiving the sharing of others and vice versa how others will be happy to receive his share. Parents can train children to be kind, loving and helping others with their specific actions such as helping the elderly, doing charity …

5-year-old children begin to form selfishness

2. Children like to imagine

One of the psychology of 5-year-olds is that they really like to imagine. At this time, children begin to understand the good and the evil, like the story with happy ending, know the discontent with the bad characters in the story, the children like to transform into fairy characters with good character such as like to be a princess, hate witches. At this time, the child’s language skills gradually improve so he or she can invent a story to tell everyone.
At this time, children often tell their mother stories, especially stories about school and friends, so parents need to listen and share everything with their children and sometimes parents have to play the role of a close friend of the baby. This way, you can understand what your child is thinking and what his or her wishes are. You can tell your child flashback stories such as: How was your baby’s age? … to teach you to do good things.

3. Children are stubborn

At this age, children often start to have their own opinions, so they often ask questions and even their own arguments to “argue” adults. Encountering such situations, adults need a thorough explanation for the baby, otherwise the child will be stubborn, unpleasant. Children often feel deeply hurt if they do not understand and share their questions.

Understanding the psychology of 5-year-olds will help parents know the best way to teach their children

4. Children are often fussy

This personality often stems from the pampering of the parents, long into becoming stubborn, whiny and becomes difficult to protect when parents do not meet certain needs of children. This slippery nature, if not molded early on by parents, is easy to spoil the child. Parents need to have a tough attitude in front of children, showing children where is the limit. What meets the baby is met, if not then they must be definitive, should not compromise will make the baby nag forever. Please introduce the discipline for children, but I remember applying gentle discipline and mother need to be patient to apply, the children will obediently obey.

5. Children are afraid of the dark and animals

Psychology of 5-year-old children begin to know the feeling of fear. This comes from the child’s imagination. Part of it is because adults often put up some pictures to scare children that scare them. To eliminate this fear of children, mothers should encourage children to practice independence, bravery facing the situation by mother teaching them to sleep separately, exposing them to animals that they are often afraid of. Let them see that they are not scary.

Understanding the psychology of 5-year-old children, mother will be easier to teach and guide her to be a good baby.


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