Things that pregnant women should avoid doing in the last 3 months of pregnancy to keep both mother and baby healthy

By the time the third trimester of pregnancy begins, the mother will easily notice the changes in her body, the fast growing belly “dizzy”, the baby moves more strongly and the maternal instinct is also clearer . She has gone through 6 months of pregnancy and just needs to keep her pregnancy healthy for 3 more months to see her baby. However, mothers should not be subjective because this pregnancy period is quite large, so there are many things to note.

To keep the baby safe until the day of birth and the mother is in good health ready to go through, women should avoid the following:

Eat too much

During pregnancy, women are advised to eat a healthy diet and eat a little more than usual to have the fetal nourishment nourished. But in the last few months, because the baby is quite large and presses on the stomach, the mother should not eat too much at this time because it can cause very uncomfortable feeling and can even cause the baby to have sick. You should split meals and eat into several meals throughout the day.

Do not eat raw food

The motto “do not eat raw food when pregnant” surely I have heard many times since the beginning of pregnancy but still have to repeat because many mothers think that at this stage the fetus has formed a full set of fate so eating is also easier. In fact, moms who eat raw foods are very susceptible to infections because they can contain toxoplasmosis or E. Coli. You should also say no to leftovers in the fridge, pre-packaged foods and foods that contain additives and preservatives.

Pregnant women need to continue to build for themselves a diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber … drink plenty of water so that the fetus is provided with nutrients and best development.

Limit spicy food

Still knowing that spices will make our dishes more delicious and attractive, but mom should limit eating spicy, hot foods like pepper, chilli because they can cause unpleasant problems for the digestive system. Even these spices are harmful to the development of the baby. Mothers should also avoid pre-packaged mixed spices because they may contain artificial flavorings. Mothers need to continue building their own diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber … The fetus is provided with nutrients and best development.

Wear pointed heel shoes

In the last months, when the fetus is older, the mother’s body becomes heavier and it is also more difficult to balance, the floating on the heels is very dangerous and easy to fall.

Sitting for hours

Whether you’re at home or in the office, don’t sit for too long in one position. Sitting for hours can make your mom’s back hurt and put pressure on her stomach. Remember that when pregnancy reaches this stage, the baby has a large part in the womb. Get up often and walk gently, babies will love it and thank you very much.

Avoid the noisy environment Although the baby is still in the womb, but the noise around can disturb the baby and affect their developing hearing. Therefore, moms should stay away from places with lots of loud noises, quarrels and loud music.


In order to give birth to a healthy, smart baby, the pregnant mother should minimize to the maximum mental stress both physically and mentally. Ignore frustrating and unpleasant things, limit hard work, work that makes you think a lot and take time to rest and relax. You should know what your feelings are during pregnancy, and later your baby will be the same.

Fasting urine

During the third trimester, the mother often runs to the toilet even though she does not urinate much. Many mothers think they can stop urinating because they know they don’t really need to go, but this is a mistake because holding the urine can make it painful for the mother to leak urine when coughing or sneezing. .

Stay away from pineapple

Pineapple is delicious and contains many vitamins but it can cause premature labor due to uterine contractions. Therefore, if you are only at the beginning of this period, pregnant women should stay away from pineapple. However, if you are not yet showing signs of delivery, you can try eating all the pineapples you want to help make labor faster.

Try new exercise exercises

Pregnancy is not the right time for you to try new weight lifting or running exercises. Even if you have done these exercises before and during pregnancy, you should do more gently in the last months of pregnancy.

Lie on your back to sleep

Pregnant women at this stage are advised not to sleep on their backs because in this position, the baby’s weight is quite heavy and can weigh on the veins and disrupt the oxygen supply to the blood. The best sleeping position recommended for pregnant women during this period is to lie on the left or right.

Carry heavy objects (including carrying children)

When entering the third trimester, because of weakened muscles, pregnant women should stop carrying heavy loads. You should also not carry heavy objects on your back as this is quite risky and can make pregnant women more painful if you have back injuries. If there is another baby in the family who needs care, the mother should ask the help of relatives to look after the baby, avoid holding and carrying more babies during the last months of pregnancy.

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