The secret to effective back pain relief for pregnant women

Physical and physiological changes that cause pregnant women to suffer from back pain. To improve the quality of life and a safe pregnancy, pregnant women should consult effective back pain relief measures.
Researchers show that 80% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain, especially lower back pain. The degree of back pain varies from woman to woman, the intensity of back pain in each pregnancy is different. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, lower back pain is a general condition of pregnant women. Without proper treatment, pregnant women will greatly affect their lives and health.

Why pregnant women have back pain?

According to NCBI, lower back pain in pregnant women may exhibit the following:

– Pelvic pain

– Lower back pain

Studies show factors that cause back pain in pregnant women, including physical and physiological changes.

Weight gain

During pregnancy, a woman’s body weight increases, causing pressure on the spine, pelvis, lumbar bone and joints, muscles. This is the factor that causes women with back pain during pregnancy.

Increased stomach size

Along with the development of the fetus, the size of the abdomen and stomach of pregnant women gets bigger every day. This causes the pelvis to be pinched, leading to back pain in pregnant women.

Change the focus of the body

When pregnant, the focus of the female body will focus forward. At this time, the mother tends to fall back to balance, creating pressure on the lower back. Many studies show that posture and body movements of women during pregnancy are closely related to back pain.

Physiological changes

During pregnancy, the hormones in a woman’s body have major changes, leading to low back pain, pelvic pain. Specifically, the placenta releases many relaxin hormones that make the cervix dilate, preparing for childbirth. This causes the skeleton to be disconnected, causing pain and inflammation in the back. Scientists estimate the concentration of relaxin hormone in the body of pregnant women in the last days of pregnancy increased by 10 times compared to early pregnancy.

Backache remedies during pregnancy

Surveying 275 pregnant women under 12 weeks of age, the researchers found that daily activities of pregnant women were associated with lower back pain. Therefore, pregnant women can improve this situation by changing living habits, light exercise and reasonable rest. In addition, pregnant women need to consult a doctor for advice on appropriate therapies and exercises to help reduce back pain effectively:

– Yoga

– Relaxing massage

– Do exercise

– Keep the spirit of fun, comfort

– Pharmacological treatment

– Acupuncture

– Physical therapy

– Wear a stomach support belt for pregnant women.

However, if a woman’s back pain is related to a herniated disc, she should be consulted and treated appropriately by a doctor to reduce postpartum complications. In addition, pregnant women need to maintain healthy living habits to ensure health and safety throughout pregnancy.

– Pregnant women should sleep right posture, lying on their left or right, absolutely not lying on their backs.

– Wear comfortable shoes, avoid wearing high heels

– Rest in moderation

– Stand tall while sitting or lying down.

– Change posture when exercising. Instead of bending down to pick up things, you can squat to reduce back pain.

– You should consult your doctor about back and abdominal exercises for pregnant women.


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