The more lazy a mother is to do the following 5 things, the better for the child

Many mothers have had a headache thinking about how to teach their children to grow up with many good habits and independent personality. However, as long as the mother is “lazy” in the following 5 cases, everything will become very easy.

Women starting from pregnancy have brought with them many worries and suffering. After having a child, I was just by my side, taking care of my husband, taking care of the housework, washing the rice. That seems to have become the instinct of being a mother.

However, mothers should understand one thing, not the more they work hard, the better their children will develop, but in some cases, the more we ‘lazy’ the better.

1. Feed your child

Feeding children is the most hard work for most mothers. We often see the image of parents holding a bowl of rice (porridge) chasing behind to try to fertilize their children. In fact, this is completely the wrong job because it will easily create a habit of running around when you eat rice, but my mother is so tired that she doesn’t eat anymore.

Therefore, you should let children eat rice themselves. If the baby is full, then even if you follow the child to eat is useless. If you are hungry, of course you will eat without your mother.

If you do not do this, at the very least, if you let your child fasten like a foreign mother or do it, it is okay for him to eat a little late. It is important that moms should minimize giving children snacks before meals.

2. Lull the child to sleep

Children are really sensitive. Many children were comforted by their mothers, but they could not lay down and could only cry once in bed, so she had to hold her in her arms. So hard for the mother know how! So parents absolutely do not hold the baby to sleep.

If mothers do not want to sleep, they still have to be “attached” to their children, do not want their children to gradually suffer from spinal deformities, do not want their children or be punished when attending kindergarten, they must definitely train their habits of self-discipline. .

3. Carrying or pushing your baby too much

Children often like to be carried or sit on strollers, but mothers should note that they do not indulge in this hobby. When children are held by their mothers or push carts for a long time, they will develop a habit of relying on their mothers. Since the child had a sense of dependence, being lazy like that, how could he later enjoy the sport activities?

As long as your child is walking or not hiking, we all should let him walk on his own feet, don’t worry they are tired. The road ahead is still long, will you ever push yourself to go?

4. Prepare toys for children

Let me know how to clean my toys voluntarily, just reducing the burden on the mother and good for the children.

Children often display toys around the house, moms should not help children clean up the chaos because the fact that you finished cleaning them is messed up. It is best for children to learn how to clean up, arrange their own things, play one thing after another and then display other things to play and have to pack toys neatly before going to bed. This will gradually create a habit of long-term benefit for the child, not merely reducing the work burden for the mother.

5. Resolve conflicts

Sometimes it is normal for children to quarrel with friends, they can handle it without their parents’ intervention.

I fought with my classmate yesterday, and I fought with my neighbor today. No, my child will be bullied in any way. I have to go and claim justice for him. Or, because my son is naughty like this, I have to apologize on behalf of him. Mothers often think like this without realizing that this is a small matter for children, they can handle it directly.

In my own world, everything is very simple. Children have their own expressions and communication. In the process of exchanging children, they can learn more from their peers, making them gradually become a child who can master their own communication behaviors. When I fight with my friend, I soon forget all the conflicts of today.

The child’s world is not as complicated as we are, using our own way to teach our children, using our words to solve problems, letting them know how to handle self-discipline and self-discipline. social reception.

Therefore, if you want to provide basic skills for your child to be independent in his or her life, parents should not replace them.

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