The development of the baby when reaching the cradle mold

12-month-old babies (1-year-old babies) can sit firmly and can take their first steps, eat solid foods like apples, cantaloupe, etc. Every day, the life of a little angel seems to be overwhelmed by the explore and learn, making adults sometimes have to sniff their ears to look after their babies.

1. The development of 12-month-old babies

The weight of 12-month-old babies usually triples since birth. By 12 months, your baby will also have a 50% increase in height and a brain of 60% compared to adult brain size.

After 12 months of staggering growth, your child’s weight development will begin to slow down due to the increased activity level.

2. Sleep of 1 year old baby

12-month-old babies usually sleep less during the day and more at night. Most children at this age still need a nap after feeding or being fed.

3. What can a 12-month-old child do?

By the time babies reach their cradle age, 12-month-olds may already be able to stand on their own, some of them even toddling their first steps in life.

Besides, the child was also used to sitting on his own, crawling on all fours, clinging to something to stand up. The 1-year-old is pretty good at doing some things for herself, such as picking up food and turning the pages of a storybook, pressing buttons to make toys play music or move.

Communication skill
Babies at 12 months of age can partly express their needs to adults through the gesture of shaking their head and reaching out. In addition, the baby will also be able to show stress, even crying when parents or people who tend to take care of their children are not nearby.

12-month-old babies also begin to babble on simple words, such as “daddy”, “daddy”, “mother” … even though sometimes their words are not pronounced very well.

4. What are the 12 month old vaccinations?

Some injections that a 1 year old baby needs at this time include:

  • Get a flu shot
  • Vaccination against hepatitis B
  • Chickenpox vaccine
  • Japanese encephalitis vaccination
  • Repeated vaccination of DTaP vaccine (preventing diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough)
  • Vaccination of Synflorix vaccine to prevent otitis media, pneumonia, pneumococcal meningitis.

5. Nutrition for children 1 year of age

Knowing that cows are well into their toddler, the baby will consume more energy than before, ranging from 800–1,000 calories / day. Therefore, if you are breastfeeding, your baby should be fed at least 3 times a day.

In addition, many parents also wonder if 12-month-old children can eat rice, the answer is yes if they have been familiarized with solid foods, the ability to chew and swallow is relatively good. or when you show interest in this dish.

Besides, parents can also give the baby to taste other soft foods such as noodles, pho, macaroni … that have been previously chopped.

Finally, delicious dishes in snacks such as yogurt, fruit, whey are also suggestions that you should not ignore.

6. The matter should be noted

Each child develops at his own pace. However, some signs may indicate abnormal problems, please note if your child:

  • He does not know how to babble
  • Be indifferent to everything around you
  • You cannot point your finger at objects
  • Practice walking but striding with a limp, uneven feet
  • Don’t know how to imitate simple behaviors, such as clapping your hands, bye
  • When falling, the baby will always fall forward instead of taking action to sit back
  • Unable to pick up a small object (like a raisin) and cannot feed itself.






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