The common dangers are lurking, but many pregnant mothers do not know

The smell of paint, hot bath or electric blanket … can adversely affect the fetus but many pregnant women do not notice. 

During pregnancy, you have certainly read a lot of knowledge to guide a healthy pregnancy such as eating this, drinking other things, abstaining from heavy exercise or exercising … However, not all knowledge. You read through and there are very common hazards that can adversely affect a baby without knowing it.

The smell of wall paint

You and your husband are very eager to welcome your first child and of course you will redecorate your home and your child’s room, but did you know that painting and repairing houses is very toxic to pregnant women? is the smell of wall paint. Therefore, if you want to do this, you should hire a worker and should avoid breathing in the smell of paint, especially in windy places.

Take a hot bath

Maybe mom will feel relaxed and comfortable when soaking in hot tubs but when she baths in hot water, over 32 degrees Celsius can cause body temperature to rise, causing her to lower blood pressure and affect the amount Oxygen, nutrients delivered to the baby. Even this can lead to miscarriage. Mother should pay attention to the rules of warm baths in the winter to not harm the development of the baby.

Drink canned fruit juice

It may not sound right, but canned fruit juices can contain large amounts of sugar as well as flavoring substances that are not good for pregnant women. You should remember that eating fresh fruit is always better than canned fruit juice because you still get fiber from your body. Drinking too much canned fruit juice can raise blood sugar, leading to gestational diabetes

Sleep in the back position 

Sleeping on the left side has been shown to be the most beneficial sleeping position for pregnant women. However, you may not always be able to lie on your left side, but when you are pregnant in the third trimester, you should be careful not to sleep on your back. Sleeping in this position not only causes the mother to have back pain, shortness of breath, but also many other risks. Try to lean to the left or to the right and insert extra soft pillows will help mom sleep better.

Use electric blankets

In the winter, electric blankets are a common household item, but low levels of the electromagnetic field produced by blankets can harm your baby.

Skin care products

Many people think that skin care products applied to the skin will not affect the baby in the womb but this is a completely misconception. In fact, chemicals from those cosmetics can get into the skin, into the bloodstream and into the placenta, affecting the baby.

Dangerous chemicals but salicylic acid retinoids, and benzoyl peroxide in cosmetics should be avoided completely during pregnancy and they are easy to find in cosmetics, daily hygiene products. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the labels before use to ensure the safest for the mother and baby.


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