Tell parents how to teach children with autism effectively at home

Only great love and perseverance and determination of parents can bring autistic children back to normal life. Autism is common in children and early detection and treatment can help children return to normal life.

1. What is autism?

Autism is self-blockade, unable to establish interactive relationships with outside society. This is also a defect of brain development, especially in the first 3 years of a child’s life. Autism can occur in any child and does not depend on the social level, the development of parents, religion …

Autistic children are completely physically healthy but have abnormal behaviors in 3 areas of communication, language and behavior.

2. Manifestations of autistic children

When children see abnormal symptoms such as speech delay, or speech and then stop completely; just like playing alone; don’t smile, don’t make eye contact with your parents or the opposite person; too passionate about something; there are repetitive behaviors, like to order things in an oddly organized order and to show aggressive behavior when that order is disturbed … most parents might have thought to the possibility that I’m autistic.

However, due to inferiority or pride, parents hide their child’s illness, do not cooperate with the doctor, or when they know their child has autism, they become depressed, surrender … making the child’s disease increasingly worse. .
The ‘fight’ with autism is often long and arduous, so the early detection is important because the earlier it is discovered, the more effective the intervention will be, the more chances children have. integration with the community, independence in life.

For children aged 18 – 36 months, if detected early and treated by experts, there is a 30% chance that the child will return to normal and be able to integrate back into the community. Beyond this age, the intervention will be difficult and take more time.

In fact, every autistic child will have different symptoms. Therefore, there is no standard treatment for all cases. Parents can choose the following treatments to suit their children.

3. How do parents teach children with autism at home to be effective? 

Create a safe environment for children

A safe environment helps children feel safe instead of scared. Parents should create a separate space for their children so that they can comfortably play and relax without disturbing anyone nor being threatened by anyone.

Create an emotional relationship with the child

Most autistic children are in part due to a lack of love, interest or trauma that leads to autism. Parents need to accompany their children, reestablishing family affection. Talk to your child often so that they can slowly feel the affection of their parents. Use your eyes to talk, use gestures to show love. Parents can also create different situations to teach children how to behave like greeting, politeness or with the wrong actions, parents should have a punishment, often for children to understand and not repeat.

Learn your language

In order to understand and teach children with autism at home successfully, parents need to understand their child’s language and expressions of anger, hunger or joy. When they understand, parents will know what they want and slowly communicate, encourage children to speak so they can express what they want. Absolutely not do it yourself. For example, I want to get water from the fridge, instead of just pointing at the fridge and I will immediately bring water for you, please encourage me to speak and let me do it myself.

Teaching pictures

Mothers can teach their children familiar images. There should be a collection of pictures of indoor images such as fruits, candies, birds … Teaching kids at home takes more time than normal children, frequency of repeating a task Something is more for children to remember.


The perception of autistic children is slower than that of normal children, teaching ordinary children to understand and know an object is difficult, it is 10 times harder for autistic children. Therefore, parents need to be persistent in teaching children with autism.

Parents need to learn more communication skills and teach autistic children at prestigious centers to be able to teach children better. Teaching autistic children needs knowledge and understanding, not general education like normal children.

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