Teaching children money lessons suitable for each age group

Saving and using smart money is one of the valuable lessons that parents can start teaching children from school.

Saving and using smart money is one of the valuable lessons that parents can start teaching children from the age of learning. A trip with parents to the bank, or going to an ATM can be a good introduction to starting these lessons

Baby from 2 to 3 years old 

In the middle of a bill, coin or toy sponge, your baby will choose whichever they find most interesting, not because of face value but because of tinkling, rustling sound of banknotes or color of toys. But even when young children cannot fully understand the value of money, parents can help their children recognize the different types of money. To do this, just make a small game for your child to recognize the shape of different types of bills and coins. A small note for parents: Babies often gnaw and swallow coins, so watch your baby carefully when playing coin-based games. He also likes playing games, which is a great way to teach your child about money.

Baby from 4 to 5 years old 

Before going shopping, parents can ask their children to help cut coupons, hold gift certificates … This way, they will feel like they play an important role in the process of buying furniture. If the vendor brings out items that use coupons or gifts, ask the parent to look at the item. In a primitive way, babies begin to know the different ways to buy goods, can use cash, cards, coupons … This is also a way to provoke ideas about how to save money in the future.

Baby from 5 to 6 years old 

Upon receiving parental consent, he was extremely excited to choose a place to store savings. It could be a piggy bank, or an account at a parent’s “bank”. At this age, children can manage a small amount of money. As parents who help manage their children’s money, parents should encourage their children to save money regularly and regularly. Another interesting activity for children at this age is collecting money.

Baby 6 to 12 years old

This is the appropriate age to teach children about value for money. The most suitable activity for your baby is to buy household appliances. Parents are not afraid to bring their children with them on their shopping trips. Each week, parents can focus on a certain product group: tissues, bread, chicken … and try with your child to make a price comparison of different brands and shops, copper At the same time, make conclusions about the most appropriate product for your family. Not only are the money lessons the most vivid, shopping with parents also helps your child feel useful, an integral part of making family decisions. It also helps children form a sense of responsibility.



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