Teach obedient 3-year-old children with basic skills

Healthbeauty24h shares experiences on how to teach life skills to 3-year-olds to parents. By 3 years old, the baby is full of personality. Obedience is what many parents always want to achieve because at this age, children have begun to form their own characteristics quite clearly. Especially for the stubborn, hard-to-tell children, they just like to do their own thing and never listen to their parents. Others are taciturn, few say, afraid to communicate. If parents do not pay attention to shaping their children, teaching their children at this time is very likely that these characteristics will follow the baby and form a person who is grumpy, unpleasant or mushy, shy later on. . Relatively good language skills combined with superior motor skills are favorable conditions for children to integrate into society.

Let me wear clothes everyday

By the age of 3, children are ready to learn to dress themselves. You should prepare easy-to-wear items such as elastic skirts, skirts that are easy to get through, easy T-shirts, socks with colored fingers, lazy shoes … If your baby can not do this, mom has be able to suggest by giving your child an outfit and suggesting a choice to wear. Or teach your child how to clean himself and do some simple tasks.
Be patient and wait until your child finishes the task, sometimes you will need a little assistance with buttons or zippers. Children will be happy they can dress themselves without help. You should also show your children that they are proud of them when they do a good job.

Let me eat by myself

Most 3-year-old children can use a spoon, chopsticks or drink water from a cup well without their parents. Many families have a lot of difficulties feeding. Taking too much care of the child loses the sense of self-awareness. This is a mistake when teaching life skills to 3-year-old children. Babies have the ability to use things the way they want. You will notice this when you see your child holding the spoon correctly, scooping up the food and putting it in his mouth even though he is still scattered or stuck to the food on the spoon.
Don’t worry about your child eating and drinking still clumsy. Encourage the independence of children by providing safe items for children such as plastic bowls, plastic with funny pictures … and appropriate foods such as porridge, soup, broken rice, soft cooked meat chopped … and let children handle it themselves. If not, encourage your child and show him / her that everyone uses chopsticks and feeds on their own diet without help (so let your baby sit and eat with the family).

No stress when potty

If your 3-year-old is still wearing diapers, she’s not the only one. Don’t stress if your baby still forgets to pee or poop their pants. You can practice the habit of potty sitting every morning, before he goes to class or as soon as picking him up at kindergarten, you ask him if he needs to go to the toilet. Once the pee, poo has improved, don’t forget to reward your baby. However, teaching life skills for 3-year-old children also requires patience and love of children. Don’t punish your baby just because he wet his pants.

Brush teeth

By the time your child is 3 years old, he or she can observe how you brush your teeth and know the steps from how you get toothpaste to how you rub the brush gently on your baby’s teeth. This is a good time for me to start practicing. Do not worry if your child is not yet mature, it is important to help him practice a sense of hygiene and create positive emotions. To increase interest in teaching life skills for 3-year-olds, parents can tell stories about cavities.

How ugly and dangerous they are. Your baby will be curious and aware of the importance of brushing their teeth. Parents can have two brushes ready: one to help your child brush their teeth, one to help their child do as this one will have lots of chewing marks left behind. Gradually, your baby will be able to complete this task perfectly as you wish.

Hand washing

Children are very active and like to touch everything, their hands are always at risk of infection. So help your child develop a habit of washing their hands as soon as possible. Prepare a small stool for your child to reach the sink, a funny bar of soap and a towel that is easily accessible. You should show your child how to rub the front, back and under the nails for about 20 seconds. While working with your child, you can sing the song you learned at school or any song you like.

In addition to the above basic skills, to teach a docile 3-year-old child, a mother can:

– Make a habit of reading your child to a bedtime story every night because it will also help children settle into sleep at night. If your baby is bored listening to books can confide in children what happened in the day of the mother, the child.

– Avoid using TV to coax and be a “babysitter”. If you let your child watch the movie, limit the time and give the power to turn off the TV.

– Turn off the television when the whole family is eating and take time for the whole family to talk.

– Take a walk with the park. Talk to your child about what is happening along the way to help her consolidate her vocabulary.

– Help your child know the meaning of traffic light colors when walking on the road

– Encourage your child to get more physical with some activities like running, swimming, kicking soccer …

– Teach children to memorize home addresses and parents’ phone numbers

Depending on the different factors that each child will develop differently, so these factors are only relative, the mother should not impose exactly when and how the child has able to perform the skills perfectly.


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