Teach children to handle situations when they get lost

This unfortunately no one I want, it’s terrible for me to go to school and come back home without seeing you. You can overcome this concern by taking your child to and from school every day, but if you want to give your children the freedom to go to school with their friends, learn to meet themselves on the way, this is good for them, if you want to If you go to school without worrying like sitting on a fire, give me an inventory with the following knowledge:

1. Stay still

When a child is lost, the first thing you need to teach if you don’t see your parents is to stay where you are. If your child has questions, explain that running around makes it harder for adults to find them. In addition, you should also remind your children not to go anywhere without adult consent to prevent the possibility of getting lost.

2. Call out the names of parents

If the child keeps growing up: “Daddy!” “Mommy!” When lost, it can be very difficult for you to distinguish the baby’s voice among the other children. Therefore, you should teach children the full name of parents and phone numbers of parents as possible. If someone wants to help, this information will be very helpful. Repeat this information as long as you can remember. In addition, children should also call out loud to attract people’s attention and prevent being abducted.

3. Teach your children to walk safely

First of all, teach children how to participate in traffic safely, always help them to get up early on time so that they are not in a hurry, follow the path that parents instruct, not to walk around other roads so that if it happens In case of being unable to contact the parents, they still know the way to find and participate in safe transportation.If the child learns this in the classroom, the parents should ask to recall the memory for the child. the better, remember the images on the road have something special like tall buildings, tall trees, baby eateries or go. This helps the baby become independent in thinking and being active.

4. Teach your children not to listen to strangers

Teaching children obediently to obey adults is what parents always teach their children but when there are parents or relatives, with the consent of the parents, please follow, but when out, absolutely not should listen and follow anyone, if you feel that person is not safe you have the right to remain silent. You must gradually develop this habit, observing your baby when leading him to a crowded place, creating a hypothetical case, watching his treatment, if he does not correct it right away to remember.

5. Teach your child to remember important phone numbers

Remembering your phone number will be of great help if your child is lost and meets a good person or a police officer who wants to help to have a loved one pick up, remembering the phone number also helps in some unforeseen circumstances, helping you not to lost contact with me.

6. Teach children how to swim

If your hometown has many rivers and canals or is close to the sea, it is very important to teach your child how to swim, if he is lost there to prevent the unfortunate event, and learning to swim is also physical training for your child.

7. What if I get lost?

In the event that your child is accidentally separated from you, he stays in the position he is standing and calls out his parents’ names as taught. If no one comes back, the next step, children should ask for help from adults around. Children can ask the security guard, police, cashier (people in uniforms) to find relatives. If your child is indistinguishable, you can instruct your child if you lose your parents to find a woman who has brought another child to help. This is a sign that they have children too, so they can easily understand their situation and be ready to help.

8. Talk about safety with your child every day

Practice these instructions regularly with your child, especially before going to a crowded place like a park, playground or other public service area. You should also ask your child different situations like, “What would I do if I didn’t see my parents?” or “What would I do if a stranger comes to me and tells me to follow them to find my parents?” When you answer these questions, you will gradually memorize and follow them if unfortunately a stray situation occurs.

In addition, to avoid the possibility of getting lost, parents need to remind their children to always hold their parents’ hands when going into crowded places and negotiate with their children in front of the waiting place if they are accidentally lost, practicing for children. Remember basic information about relatives (full name of parents, phone number, home address, place of work of parents, …). It is good for children to know their parents’ acquaintances or close friends to avoid being lured into or approaching the bad intentions of strangers when they are lost.

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