Sunbathing babies up to months old?

Children should be sunbathed every day, because throughout the life of people need to sunbathing to supplement vitamin D from adults to children we all need to sunbathe every day. So, to answer the question: “Sunbathing for children up to how many months old?” then the answer will be: “how many months old children, 5 years old need sunbathing” and how to sunbathe their children in order to be reasonable then mothers can see details below.

When children are 4-5 years old, they will start going to kindergarten and their school time is usually in the morning, at this time the sun’s rays have appeared so they have sunbathed themselves, so , you don’t need to worry about this for older kids.

Sunbathing for babies

After 10 days of birth, mothers need to hold babies in the shade to adapt gradually. In the early days, mothers should only sunbathe infants for a few minutes, then gradually increase to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

She should sunbathe in “batch”, take a shower every 10 minutes for 10 days, then “take a break” for 20-30 days and start the “process” again.

In the beginning, the mother should only expose a part of her skin, let her stay in the shade for about 10 minutes, and continue to increase the time to 20 minutes on the second day, 30 minutes for the third day.

On day 4, let your child wear clothes that are exposed from the feet, cover their face and eyes. Sunbath 5 minutes on the front of the body and 5 minutes on the back.

In the following days, let your baby wear an open shirt from the knee and then gradually cover up the thigh, abdomen, chest, and increase by 5 minutes a day, but maximum sun exposure for only 30 minutes.

For children less than 1 month old, mothers do not necessarily take the baby out, can “expose” the child near the window early in the morning and have to open the glass window for the skin to absorb the sun better.

On cold days, it’s best to sunbathe your child in the afternoon 3-5 hours, because the air will get colder in the morning, causing children to have breathing problems.

choose place

  • Next to the glass window, porch, garden, … or let the baby sit in the stroller and go for a walk as usual.
  • Avoid strong drafts and dusty, polluted places.

Choose posture

  • Sit or recline on a chair for a few minutes, then turn the baby around a bit to reveal the back.
  • Or you can hold your baby while walking.

Choose clothes for children

  • Let babies wear thin, cool clothes and good perspiration.
  • Put on a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when sunbathing.

Note: After sunbathing for babies, you should give fruit juice or breast milk to always replace the lost water. In addition, you can also wipe off the sweat or wipe the baby to cool the baby to be cooler.

How to sunbathe children in the summer

In the summer, it is early in the sun, the sun is very bright and fierce, you should take advantage of your baby to sunbathe early to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the child’s immature skin and the hot sun makes the baby hot and uncomfortable. . The ideal time for a baby to sunbathe in the summer is about 6 – 7 am.

You should also choose a quiet, clean, cool, sunbathing place to avoid the sun’s rays. On very hot sunny days, you should limit sunbathing to minimize the risk of dehydration when your baby is sweating too much.

How to sunbathe children in the winter

In winter, it is cold so you often restrict your baby to go out for fear they will have colds, respiratory infections … In addition, the fact that the child wears too many warm clothes when going out also makes the baby’s skin less opportunity of direct sunlight exposure. As a result, babies are at risk of vitamin D deficiency in the winter.

The winter weather is often cloudy, the weather is cold, the sun rises late but the sunlight is weak. Therefore, you should wait until it is warmer for your baby to sunbathe, usually around 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. On days when the weather is too cold, or when it is windy, you should not sunbathe your baby to ensure health.

When sunbathing, choose a quiet, clean and airy place without drafts. Also, be careful not to let the sunlight shine into your baby’s eyes.

Note when sunbathing babies

– Do not let the sun shine directly on the head, face and eyes of children, avoid ultraviolet rays that affect vision and nervous system

– In case of children suffering from acute and endocrine diseases such as basedow, eczema, hecpet, quinolone antibiotics must be used, absolutely not sunbathing.

– When sunbathing need to wear less clothes, expose your skin as much as possible, wipe sweat after bathing and give children a little water. On hot days, moms can bathe babies right after sunbathing.

– Avoid sunbathing on the changing season or bad weather.

– Choose a clean place, less dirt, less noise, airy, more sunlight to sunbathe children.

– Absolutely do not sunbathe children in places with strong winds.

– You should sunbathe with your child so that your child can feel your closeness and love.


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