Signs and treatment of leg edema during pregnancy

Pregnancy edema is the most difficult pregnancy to avoid, as up to 75% of women experience this condition. This article would like to point out symptoms of physiological edema and pathology during pregnancy as well as a safe and effective remedy.

Origin and cause of edema foot

When pregnant in the last month, due to the large abdomen compressing blood circulation, there will be stagnation of venous circulation in the lower limb, leading to foot edema.

Usually after 1 day of work, walking or standing, at that time, the edema appears only in the legs and usually in the early morning waking up will no longer have edema, so the pregnant woman will see edema, no edema, edema … progress By the afternoon … It is a normal physiological phenomenon.

To reduce edema, simply lie down to rest, keep your feet high, and avoid standing or walking a lot in the last months. Eating bland or salty foods does not affect leg edema.

Signs identify foot swelling

For normal physiological phenomena, it is easy to recognize foot edema, when the foot is swollen, or the foot feels heavy or the sandals feel tighter than usual (even with the same pair of slippers often), or press in front of the bone. lower leg (hard bone area) with indented impression.

In addition to normal physiological phenomena such as edema also appears when there is a pathology of blood pressure, kidney or heart, then you should be more careful.

At this time edema appears earlier, do not wait for the abdomen to have compression, not only edema in the legs, but also arm, face.

The eyes are heavy with lashes, the area around the eyes, the concave forehead area is pressed, the fingers are completely rubbed, abnormal weight gain is over 1kg / week. If the edema is due to kidney disease, the pregnant woman will see less urine than normal.

Edema can also be encountered during pre-eclampsia (20 weeks of pregnancy, including high blood pressure, edema and protein urine), kidney disease (most often nephrotic syndrome). With this form of edema, only the treatment of the original disease reduces edema. For pregnant women with kidney disease, doctors will ask for a lax menu.

Methods of preventing edema during pregnancy

– Limit salt, increase absorption of protein: When pregnant, you should not exceed 6g of salt / day because consuming a lot of salt will cause water retention in the body and lead to edema.

– Drink 1 – 2 liters of water every day: Providing adequate water to the body will help maintain a stable amount of fluid inside the body thereby reducing symptoms of edema. Every day you should drink about 8 glasses of water, you can base on your own condition to increase the amount of water in the body.

– Gentle exercise: Walking will help mothers improve blood circulation in the lower limbs, prevent blood accumulation in the lower limb leading to edema.

Edema is a common sign when pregnant, if you see abnormal symptoms, you should immediately go to health facilities for examination, to avoid affecting the health of mother and baby. Wishing you a healthy mother.


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