Say 3 ‘no’ to your child to teach your child to become independent early

Teaching children to be independent early is the first luggage that parents should know to help their children get into the framework as well as practice good character from an early age.

The method of teaching children to be independent early is not to force children to do hard work. But parents, do not be too pampered, let children do small things everyday. To do that, parents should say 3 “no” to the child in the following cases:

1. Do not indulge in any children’s interests

This is the first thing parents have to do to teach their children to become independent early. Do not indulge in all your desires but you should apply punishment so that you are motivated to try.

For example, children often ask to buy toys when going to the supermarket or walking with their parents, otherwise they will scream and cry.

Many parents, for fear of being ashamed of others or loving their children, have given in to their will. But the practice of doing so will form a bad habit in the child and when faced with a similar situation, the child will perform the old song again and want his parents to follow his will.

2. Do not coax when the child is plagued

The fact that children do not have a good reason is not met the requirements. Children who are not aware of their actions are bad but know that if they cry loudly, they will be comforted by their grandparents or parents.

Dealing with this situation, parents or adults should not coax the children immediately but should have appropriate coping measures. It is important that the lesson is not taught the next time.

Parents can ignore it. Or if the child has awareness, resolutely dissatisfied attitude.

3. Don’t do everything you can to help while you can do it yourself

This is the third thing to do to teach your child to become independent early. Parents do not become your unwilling babysitter when doing all the things that you already know and do yourself.

Children over 4 years old can hold a cup to drink water, scoop up rice and even get dressed on their own. Parents let their children do the things themselves, correct them and correct them, only then can children learn how not to depend on them.

Children like white papers, adults teach how they will learn, parents need to study and agree with each other to better care and raise their children.

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