Revealing 10 ways to teach smart babies simple, easy to implement but extremely effective.

Smart babies not only rely on genetic factors, adequate nutrition, but training them from an early age also plays a very important role. This article will teach you simple and effective ways to teach intelligent babies. Let’s find out!

Interact with children

Some research results show that children who are not cuddled and played by their parents have less developed brains, often feel more depressed and tired than children who often receive loving actions from parents.

The loving connection with the interactions formed between you and your child will provide the basis for developing thinking skills for your child, making them smarter.

Talk to children

Some parents are too busy with work to spend time with their children, they often take care of them by letting them play on the phone or ipad. As a result, the child may be slow to speak or sometimes die.

Therefore, parents should often spend time talking to children. This helps to strengthen the child’s communication and language skills very well.

Parents can also take some time to read to their children before going to bed to stimulate a child’s language development. Reading to children is one of the ways to help children smart. Not only that, this will be the foundation for developing your child’s passion for reading when growing up.

Playing for children is a smart way to teach babies

You know, play activities will be the basis for children’s intellectual, physical and emotional development. When a child is playing with other children, it is time for them to develop and learn the skills of combining, combining ideas, attentions and feelings of others.

Encourage your child to exercise

These exercises are not only good for the development of children but also help children love smarter, more agile. Exercise helps regulate blood flow to the brain and regenerates brain cells.

Let children listen to music

Letting children listen to music is one of the ways to teach smart babies, develop memory, increase concentration, reduce stress in children. In addition, as children get older, you can give your baby some type of musical instrument to enhance thinking skills. It is important that you let your child learn an instrument early, not any instrument.

For children to observe

Children learn by imitating the actions of adults. If children see you sticking to books, writing or doing creative work, they will imitate and through it, gradually along the way they will explore, discover and be smarter.

Patience repeated

Parents should not be upset when their children do not do something well. It takes at least three months for a child to master something. For example, when your child doesn’t say “ba ba” or “ghost”, you should be patient and repeat it so your child can imitate it!

Praise you

Regularly praising your deeds will help your child feel more confident and intelligent, such as “Your child is so good at eating today”. When children are praised for an action, they will try to do it well the next time to leave parents satisfied and praised. Therefore, parents do not forget to give compliments to their children!

Let children eat and drink properly

A varied and complete diet is one of the smart ways to raise children. Mothers should supplement protein-rich foods like eggs, fish, meat, beans, peanuts … to help children stay awake and stimulate their thinking. Processed carbohydrates and sugars have an adverse effect on a child’s ability and concentration level, so you should be aware of this.

Take children out

On weekends, you can take your child to play in places that attract tourists or take a walk to help children learn and discover new things from the world around them, helping them be more courageous and active.


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