Why parents should not buy many toys for children and this is the advice of experts?

Many parents always want to give their children the best by buying lots of toys for their children. For children to have fun and develop. However, buying children many toys is not necessarily good but even harmful.

Every child wants a toy. Every parent wants you to be happy. But not so that I like what parents will also buy, sometimes few toys but quality is the most appropriate choice. It sounds ridiculous, but the truth is that there are too many toys can affect the quality of children’s play time.

According to Dr. Shelley Lindauer (Utah State University), having too many toys can lead to the phenomenon of “toy overload”, causing children to be “overwhelmed” and thus distracted. She also said it also makes children do not know how to appreciate their objects or responsibility to preserve their toys.

On the other hand, researchers at the University of Toledo, USA have shown that children will be much more creative if there are few toys around. They observed 36 children play for an hour and found that children playing with fewer toys focused and were more creative when playing.

In fact, giving less toys will encourage children to think of different ways to experience each type of toy and they will also play each type of toy for a longer time. These characteristics are extremely important to children because they can help accelerate brain development and exercise.

Besides, while most parents today fill up their children’s toys, wise parents are conscious of limiting the number of toys their children have. They understand that having fewer toys will actually help children in the long run, namely:


Children form better social skills

Children with fewer toys learn how to develop relationships with other children and adults. Children learn to listen – talk in a conversation. And studies suggest that childhood friendships can make it easier for children to succeed in school and in social situations in adulthood.


Babies pay attention longer

When exposed to too many toys, a child’s attention span begins to be affected. A child will rarely learn to fully appreciate the toy in front of him when there are countless options lying on the shelf behind him.


Children learn endurance

Children who have too many toys will quickly give up. If a toy is difficult to use, your child will quickly throw it away to find another toy that is easier to use. Children with fewer toys learn endurance, patience, and determination.


Children learn to be creative

Having too many toys will prevent your child from developing his or her maximum imagination. Two German public health workers, Strick and Schubert, conducted an experiment in which they persuaded a kindergarten class to store all toys for three months. Although bored during the early stages of the experiment, the children quickly began to take advantage of the available things to create games and apply their imagination to play.


So, what should parents do if they have too many toys?

It is very difficult for parents to prevent children from having lots of toys, especially when children often receive gifts from everyone. But fortunately, there are quite a few ways parents can cope with this problem:

You don’t always need to buy toys for kids: This is especially true for young children because in fact, they are more likely to be interested in strange objects such as boxes or gift wrap. More colors are real toys.

If you buy it, make that toy unique and special. Please choose a “perfect” gift so that you will have to appreciate and love the item, from which you will not ask for more because they are satisfied with what they already have.

Don’t let your child play with all toy fish at once: If your child has lots of toys, why not try spinning around every day and giving him a diverse selection of toys to play every day? In this way, I can play with my toys, but I am not overloaded and do not know what to choose.

Teach children to share by giving toys: Surely children will not like the idea of ​​giving away their toys at all, what parents know to encourage children to be generous and kind to others. , with friends is extremely important.

Toys are not only things to play with but also help form the basis for a child’s future. It teaches children about the world around them and about themselves, as well as conveying messages and spiritual values. And so, the smart parents before buying often think about what toys they give children will help children form the foundations. But first, please help the kids by reducing the number of toys.



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