Practice sleeping through the night to breastfeed

Obsession of families with young children “sleeping day, plowing night”
How to solve this situation?

According to the advice of Pediatric experts, children should go to bed early before 9pm and extend the sleep over 10 hours. That will help the baby have a refreshing spirit and do not disturb when waking up .. During sleep, the brain will release growth hormone to help children develop height and brain better, strengthen the immune system, reduce risk infection.

In fact, many moms are confused in the problem of forcing children to sleep well, always struggling to hold or lull their babies to sleep, even waking up several times a night because their children are crying and crying. Start training your baby to sleep at night and sleep by the time your baby is 6-8 weeks old. First, she needs to develop a schedule for her and her baby to try to follow, so adjust your schedule according to the hour family activities.

The secret to good sleep for babies who are breastfeeding

There are 5 ways to practice sleeping through the night, as introduced by MarryBaby in another article. That is:

– Tears sleep without tears

-Sleep story like “Pick up – Put down”

-Driving by the “Chair” method

– Methods for babies to cry but parents present near the baby

– Methods for crying babies

Do not rock and shake

You should not hold me in your arms and sleep around the house. You just sit or lie down to breastfeed or bottle. While breastfed babies are not comforted and shaken, causing brain damage, creating a habit of sleeping only when patted.

Ensure sleep time during the day

Some mothers often prevent their babies from sleeping during the day, hoping that they will sleep more at night. This is not effective because it will be difficult for the baby to sleep because of tiredness and more sleepiness.

You should note the following when practicing overnight for your baby:

Need to see clearly the goal of learning to sleep is to help your baby know how to soothe himself, put himself to sleep and sleep a longer, less interrupted at night. Thanks to the baby sleeps straight, you and your family will also get more comfortable sleep. Not any way that can make a baby sleep without a mother (such as using a pacifier) ​​is called a “sleep training”.

– Babies from 1 to 4 months of age may still need 1 or 2 breastfeeds between 10 pm and 8 am the next morning. Therefore, training your baby to sleep and sleep straightly may not be successful because he or she does not adapt. Try changing your method or wait a while and then try to sleep again.

-From 7 to 9 months, if your baby is getting enough solid foods, the need to breastfeed will decrease. You can cut down your baby’s night feeds.






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