Overcoming indigestion in children

In children, in the first year of life, the digestive system has incomplete digestive functions, so it is easy for children to suffer from bloating – indigestion also known as digestive disorders. This is not a dangerous disease but digestive disorders will be a factor hindering the growth of children. Until children are 10-15 years old, the digestive system has the same function and structure as adults.

To overcome gastrointestinal disorders in children, firstly need to adjust the reasonable diet, need for breastfeeding and weaning according to each stage of the baby’s physiological development. Babies under 5 months of age only need milk to be enough, preferably breastmilk. Baby 5-6 months, milk is mainly, besides practicing weaning with flour but in small amounts. Baby 6 – 8 months, feeding miles, with 4 food groups such as: flour, protein, fat, milk fortified vegetables, soft fruits. Baby 8 – 12 months, in addition to flour, milk, soft fruit, should eat more porridge with enough flour, protein, fat, vegetables. Babies 12 – 24 months, in addition to flour, porridge, learn to eat more pasta, vermicelli, noodles … Baby over 24 months, let your baby learn to eat rice when enough 20 teeth.

The transition period from milk to flour, ie from 5 to 6 months of age; or from porridge to rice at 24 months of age is very important, need to practice in small numbers and increase gradually to adapt, if the baby in large numbers will lead to bloating and indigestion. It is necessary to divide the appropriate meals during the day with each child. Newborns can breastfeed 8 – 14 times. Baby 6-8 months old, every day children need 2 half a cup of flour with enough 4 food groups of flour, protein, vegetables, oils and about 5-6 meals. After 8 months, children can be trained to eat porridge, more than 1 year old to eat pasta, noodles … About 2 years old, they can eat 3 solid meals, 3-4 cups of milk a day; The first meal of the day should start about 30 minutes after the child wakes up, the next meal about 2-3 hours later and should change dishes.

Besides, it is necessary to supplement probiotics for babies, these are beneficial bacteria that help support digestion, prevent and inhibit harmful bacteria, balance intestinal microflora.

For babies under 5 months old, the cause of indigestion, usually a little stagnation in the intestines, is caused by swallowing air into the abdomen, such as giving a pacifier when he cries, with movements This constant sucking will cause gas to accumulate in the digestive tract. The solution is to limit the use of pacifiers for babies, only when really needed; pat your baby often, gently pat his back. This way, the baby can push the excess gas out.

Help your baby move by placing him on his back and moving his feet from the inside out, folding on his stomach – stretching, such movement will break any stagnant air bag that causes discomfort for the baby .

Warm towels should be used one to two times a day, applied to the baby’s abdomen, this way helps relax the muscles in the abdominal wall as well as the stomach, digesting good circulation, helping children avoid digestive disorders. chemistry.

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