Notes when taking care of children during the rainy season

Young children have sensitive and weak immune systems, they are often susceptible to changes in the weather, especially cold weather, so in times of heavy rain, the weather is changing like today. Mother needs the utmost attention in the daily care for children.

Keep your baby’s body clean during the rainy season

This is the most important step when taking care of young children in the rainy season, giving the virus no chance to attack them. Mothers should also put a bucket on the back of the child to absorb sweat, if they feel the wet back, wipe the back and remove the wet towel, replace the dry towel to prevent children from sweating, causing cold and always clean, dry dry. Wipe the head, back, nape, palms, soles of the feet thoroughly – the most sweaty place. In addition, mothers should bathe children with soap or baby shower gel with mild antiseptic daily to help children avoid infection with pathogenic bacteria.

Choose clothes suitable for children in the rainy season

During the rainy season, there will be fluctuations in temperature. When it rains, the temperature drops and you start to feel cool and comfortable. When the sun reappears, the weather becomes hot and humid. Young children also feel this weather change. But weather fluctuations are not always good for children with an underdeveloped immune system. Sudden changes in temperature can cause colds, coughs and fevers, attacking the immune system. Therefore, it is important to recognize temperature changes and wear appropriate clothes for the child.

Choose the right food

Completely breastfed babies will not have any effect, but for those who are already weaning, care must be taken. It is always a good idea to give home-made foods to parents, especially during the rainy season because food is now more polluted than in other seasons. Always cover your food carefully as mosquito flies spike this season. Do not store food.

Fruit is good for children during the rainy season

Fruits are good for health but because they are eaten raw, they should be taken care of when eating them in the humid climate of the rainy season. Clean all fruits before feeding them to babies. Peeled and most important for feeding your baby seasonal fruits.


Even if your baby starts drinking plain water, you should be a little careful during the rainy season. Let your child drink cool boiled water. Do not leave baby’s water in a bottle. After the child has been drinking water, pour the rest into a cup or discard and clean the container. Bad objects will attract flies and mosquitoes.

Avoid sudden changes in the child’s body temperature

In the rainy season, the substrate is humid and often has a sudden change in temperature. Therefore, mothers should keep the room temperature of children warm enough. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you should close all windows and doors to prevent drafts from affecting your child’s health.

Limit children out when it rains, in case of necessity, the mother should bring a raincoat, an umbrella and waterproof shoes to prevent children from being absorbed by rain.

Do not let children outside when it rains, in the necessary wall, the mother should bring a raincoat, an umbrella and waterproof shoes to prevent children from being absorbed by rain.

The rainy season makes the air humid, the low temperature creates favorable conditions for the development of viruses that cause respiratory diseases, rash, grassroots, chicken pox, malaria, dengue fever and infections …, photos affect the health of children. Hopefully, the above notes will help mothers better care for children when the rainy season comes.

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