Newborns take a shower a few days? What to do if your baby is afraid of bathing?

Newborns take a shower a few days? What should the mother do if she is afraid of bathing or crying? These are the questions a lot of women ask about when bathing and cleaning the baby’s body.

Newborns take a shower a few days?

In fact, there are no studies or specific evidence that babies take a bath every few days? This also depends on many factors: health condition, age of the baby as well as weather factors (hot or cold).

In the first days after birth, the baby’s umbilical cord has not fallen yet, and the immune system is still very weak, so it is not necessary for mothers to bathe every day. Instead, you can take a bath every other day.

After 6 weeks, when the baby’s navel is dry, mothers can daily bathe the baby with a basin of water. However, on cold winter days, mothers should only bathe babies every 2-3 days. Every day just use a soft towel to wipe the body, especially the parts such as armpits, groin, anus, ankles, wrists, genitals … ..

What should babies do when they are afraid of bathing?

Babies who are afraid of bathing are not uncommon, so there’s no need to worry too much. The causes can be: the temperature of the water (too hot or too cold), afraid of the scent or afraid of soap, shower gel in the eyes, fear of rubbing too hard by the mother. Or simply because some children are shy, not used to water, so they are afraid of bathing.

What you need to do now is be patient and calm, adjust the water temperature to the right, use shampoo or shower gel with a mild scent. Take care not to get the foam in your child’s eyes. In addition, when babies are afraid of bathing, mothers need to scrub very gently, it is best to use a soft cloth and let the baby come in contact with water slowly to avoid fear.

To distract and reduce fear in babies, mothers can use toys or talk to babies while bathing.

Notes on bathing babies

Bathing for babies requires mothers to be skillful and meticulous so as not to hurt the baby as well as avoid awkwardness, long baths cause the baby to become cold. To do this job well, the mother should note:

– Do not shower for too long, preferably within 5-10 minutes.

– Mom can bathe your baby at any time of the day. It is best to bathe your baby in the morning after 9:30, the afternoon before 4:30 depending on the season.

– The best water for newborn baths should range from 38 – 40 degrees C. Check the temperature with a thermometer or test with your fingers, so that it is just warm.

– Mom can use baby shower gel or soap, but should only start using it when the baby is 4 – 6 weeks old.

– After bathing, use a soft towel to dry the body and hair before dressing.

– Pay attention to monitor the child’s feelings, if babies are afraid of bathing, crying, they should bathe as quickly as possible.

– When bathing for a newborn, it is possible to combine the baby’s body massage to make the baby feel more relaxed and comfortable.

– Do not bathe your baby in the following cases: just eating, having a fever, a cold, waking up, vomiting, getting vaccinated, or waking up, an empty stomach …

Hopefully the above article has helped mothers answer the question that when babies take a bath every few days? And the solution when babies are afraid of bathing.




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