How to practice newborn babies sleep at night and wake up during the day like?

Sleep is extremely important for babies and young children. Ensuring long and deep sleep for children is always a top priority for mothers. Here are some exercises for babies to sleep through the night.

Babies aged 1 to 4 months are considered to be “sleeping through the night” when they sleep for 5 hours a night. During these 5 hours, the mother can enjoy a comfortable sleep without worrying that the milk supply will decrease.

Not all babies sleep through the night. If your baby sleeps through the night without waking up, don’t worry, just because his body “wants” it. Experts recommend that waking the child to sleep at night can disrupt the normal development process of the baby, because the time he sleeps is when the brain cortex increases the most cells, helping children grow up. both physically and mentally during sleep.

At the same time, breastfeeding at night will most likely make your baby susceptible to choking milk and forming bad habits for your baby later. In addition, the milk remaining in the baby’s mouth after breastfeeding will create conditions for harmful bacteria to multiply and flourish.

There are many methods to help mothers train babies to sleep through the night that you can refer to and start practicing for babies to sleep at night and sleep by themselves when the baby is 6-8 weeks old. In order to be able to perform the training for the baby to sleep at night, the mother needs to develop a schedule for her and the baby to try to comply, so adjust the child’s schedule according to the family’s living time.

The first thing to do when the mother intends to train the child to sleep that night is to teach him how to distinguish day and night. While still in the womb, babies tend to be more active at night, so at birth they will keep this habit. Mother needs to help her distinguish between day and night.

During the day, keep your baby awake by opening the curtains, playing with them. The family still maintains a normal routine, mothers should only limit the sounds too loud. Babies still need to take short nap during the day, mom does not need to keep the baby awake, just should not give the baby a long sleep . At night, the mother will feed her baby, change diapers, turn off the lights and keep quiet so that she can go to sleep more easily. The mother should only use a light night light to avoid harsh light shining on her.

Minimize holding and shaking the baby when holding the baby to sleep. You just sit or lie down to breastfeed or bottle. While breastfeeding is not soothing and shaking, doing so often will damage the brain, creating a habit of sleeping only when comforted.

Parents refer to some methods of training the baby to sleep by itself such as the method of not crying (No cry / No tears), picking up and putting down (Pick up put down), letting children cry (Cry it out), controlled crying (Controlled crying). You can find out and then choose ways that are right for your child and family.

In addition, mothers need to see clearly the goal of learning to sleep is to help children know how to soothe themselves, put themselves to sleep and sleep a longer, less interrupted at night. Thanks to the baby sleeps straight, you and your family will also get more comfortable sleep. Not any way that can make a baby sleep without a mother (such as using a pacifier) ​​is called a “sleep training”.

– Babies from 1 to 4 months of age may still need 1 or 2 breastfeeds between 10 pm and 8 am the next morning. Therefore, training your baby to sleep and sleep straightly may not be successful because he or she does not adapt. Try changing your method or wait a while and then try to sleep again.

– From 7 to 9 months, if your baby is getting enough solid foods, the need to breastfeed will decrease. You can cut down your baby’s night feeds.


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