Mistakes of mothers make children more sick in the cold season

Parents’ actions seem to be simple, but they are the reason why children are sick in the cold season. Here are some mistakes made by mothers when taking care of babies during the cold season. These actions can have a great impact on the health of children:

1. Take care of the child by overheating

Many mothers think that in winter, it is necessary to take care of babies by carefully warming them. So the mother incubated with many different thick and thin layers. However, this is not recommended. Excessive incubation can make your baby more sick.

Mothers should know that a child’s body temperature is not the same as an adult’s. Children will feel hot or cold more quickly. Children often run, jump, play. This makes it easy to heat up. Babies can sweat even when the weather is very cold. Therefore, when worn too warm, children are prone to back and head sweating. If parents do not realize that soon, the child will catch a cold, pneumonia.

Wearing too many woolen or cotton tops will prevent sweat from breaking out. It stagnated inside. Is a favorable condition for bacteria to grow, causing skin diseases. At night, a child who wears a lot of clothes or covers a lot of blankets may not sleep well and be uncomfortable. During the day wearing too many things, children will also feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in movement.

Therefore, during the winter, mothers should only wear warm enough for their children. Choose clothes that are safe, comfortable and help your baby maintain a temperature. If you go outside, you will wear more clothes. At home, take them off.

2. Keep the child indoors from going out for fear of the cold

Many parents are afraid of letting their children go outdoors in winter. However that is not a good way. Because keeping a baby in a closed room for a long time will make it easier for them to get sick in winter.

For babies, letting them go out and sunbathe in the winter is very beneficial for their development. In winter weather, the ideal time for mothers to let their babies go out in the sun is around 8:00 am-9am. And add about 10-15 minutes in the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00. The time from noon to 4pm should absolutely not let your baby go out in the sun. Because of this, the ultraviolet rays in the sun become most powerful. Very easy to damage the skin.

For older babies, mothers need to let their babies go out. To help your child get exposed to the air and participate in many active games. Outdoor active games help children stay healthy. Furthermore increased resistance. Prevent many small diseases in children. When letting children play outdoors, parents need to pay attention to taking care of children properly. Dress warm enough but still airy. Don’t feel too hot when the baby is sweating. Teach children how to wipe their own sweat to avoid a cold. If the weather is too cold or drizzling rain, children should not be allowed to play outside.

3. Dress your child in diapers 24/24

Many mothers are still ready for their children to wear 24/24. Because I think it will be convenient. Or help your child be able to comfortably be active all day. This is a very bad way to take care of a baby because diapers for a long time can damage the baby’s health and skin. Babies who wear diapers all day that are stuck with urine are prone to ulcers. Adversely affects the skin and health. As a result, babies develop diapers when they wear diapers often.

Giving your child a diaper all day will cause your child to have a bad habit that if you are sad, you can automatically excrete in diapers. If this problem persists gradually children will lose the reflex to call to alert parents when they need to go when they can speak. As a result, they may urinate uncontrollably or develop a bruise as they grow up.

4. Using air-conditioning, heating with a high frequency

Many mothers have a habit of seeing it get cold and closing the door or door. And think as tight as possible to keep babies warm in the winter. However, if the mother closes it, the room will not have suffocating ventilation, lack of oxygen. Will make the whole family’s body tired. Increases the number of bacteria multiplying. Therefore, mothers need to ensure the temperature in the room is always warm, well-ventilated and avoid drafts.

Many families have access to different types of heating equipment such as air conditioners and heaters. However, parents should not overdo these devices. Use only during certain times of the day. Because if you use too much will make the body at risk of dehydration, dry skin. Especially the heater will dry the nose, affecting the respiratory system. Causes shortness of breath in children.

When the child is sitting in the air-conditioned room, before letting the child go out, parents should put on a coat and shoes for the baby. Because if the case does not wear warm enough but suddenly goes out, it is easy to get heat shock. Leading to illness, children lose appetite after illness.

5. Bathe and wash the child’s feet with water that is too hot

Because it is cold, parents are afraid to bathe their children, or use very hot water if they bathe. Young skin is more sensitive than adults, if parents feel the water is warm enough, it means the water is hot for children. The suitable water temperature for children in winter baths is from 33 – 36 degrees C. It is recommended to use your wrist or elbow to test the warmth of the water. If not, have a thermometer ready so that you can make the right bath water for your baby.

When giving the baby a bath, the mother should also note that the room is airtight. Prepare additional heating fans, heaters if necessary. Children should only bathe for 5-7 minutes to avoid a cold. Be mindful of this when caring for your baby in the winter.

Besides, it is not good to regularly wash your child’s feet with water that is too hot. Using hot water to wash or soak your baby’s feet will cause ligaments in the feet to loosen. From there, the baby’s feet will become “flat”, the soles of the feet will not be arched as usual. Remember to bathe and take care of children properly.

6. Do not let your baby’s stomach get cold

Need to know how to take care of children in the winter so that they do not get cold. Keeping your baby’s stomach warm on a cold day also means protecting your stomach. Because if the stomach is cold, the baby is very prone to diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. In cold weather with low temperature, the belly is kept warm, the stomach works normally, will help the baby improve digestion and better absorb food.

During the winter, a cold-infected child’s abdomen can easily cause illnesses such as flu, cough, runny nose … When sleeping, children can kick the blanket very easily and get cold that their parents cannot control. Therefore, please take good care of the baby when putting the baby to bed. Parents should let their children wear a warm enough shirt. The shirt can be put into the baby’s pants so that the baby’s belly blanket does not get cold.

Mom should remember to wear a pair of socks. This is a great way to keep baby’s toes warm in cold weather. Do not over-cover your baby with thick, heavy blankets. Because too much heat will increase the loss of heat in the head, leading to a sudden death when sleeping. Please take good care of your child in the cold season.

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