Maternal excess calcium during pregnancy – The problem cannot be underestimated

During pregnancy, pregnant women often provide calcium for the body by supplementing foods rich in calcium, using external calcium products to meet the body’s needs. However, excessive intake of these foods will cause you a serious problem no less than calcium deficiency, which is excess calcium.

1. Why do pregnant women have excess calcium?

There are many causes of excess calcium in pregnant women. Here, let’s take a look at some of the main causes:

  • Pregnant women do not control the amount of calcium in the body, supplement calcium through many different methods: Just eating food or functional foods rich in calcium and taking calcium as a prescription drug.
  • Pregnant women arbitrarily take calcium supplements even though they have not been prescribed by a doctor.

2. Signs tell mom calcium excess

+ Going to the toilet is difficult, not going outside normally

+ Urinating repeatedly, urinating unusual

+ Frequent thirst, dry mouth

+ Anorexia, do not want to eat, not appetite

+ Headache, body often tired

However, it is worth mentioning that the pregnant mother will recognize this phenomenon more difficult when the body shows signs of excess calcium in the mild level. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to carry out periodic tests according to the important requirements that specialists give to prevent the excess of calcium earlier.

3. The harmful effects of excess calcium in pregnant women like?

Similar to the lack of calcium during pregnancy, the excess of calcium in pregnant women has a negative effect on both mother and fetus. When excess calcium, the pregnant mother will reduce the function of absorbing other essential minerals such as iron, zinc … making pregnant mothers lack pregnancy during pregnancy. Not to mention, the excess of calcium will make the process of nutrient metabolism between the mother and the fetus worse, which will directly affect the safety and development of pregnancy. Pregnancy of a pregnant mother that excess calcium during pregnancy, when born is often very poor absorption or malnutrition or bone deformity …

For the fetus:

The fact that pregnant women eat a lot of milk for calcium supplements, calcium supplements and even arbitrarily use calcium supplements leads to the result of excess calcium itself. This will pose a great risk to the unborn baby:

– The fetus will be very susceptible to hypercalcemia.

– At birth, the jaw bone may be wide or protruding first, the fontanet will be closed prematurely, affecting the aesthetics and causing bad health for the baby.

– In addition, the placenta is calcified, making the fetus less developed and can lose weight in the womb.

For pregnant women:

Not only does it affect the fetus badly, the phenomenon of excess calcium during pregnancy also makes pregnant women encounter some disorders, increasing the risk of urinary stones, more dangerous than having kidney stones. Therefore, when mothers elected to supplement calcium, it must be very careful.

4. Pregnant women should supplement calcium appropriately, avoid excess calcium during pregnancy

Supplementing easily absorbable calcium from foods: First of all, in order to be able to limit the phenomenon of excess calcium in pregnant women, a first point to pay attention to should be absorbed the easily absorbed calcium through dishes such as shrimp, crab, fish, shrimp, broccoli, …, using calcium-rich milk, dairy products (yogurt, fomat ..)

Providing calcium support as directed by your doctor: On the market today there are quite a lot of calcium supplements for the body with different types and levels. But this also makes pregnant women bewildered, improperly supplemented doses cause excess calcium. Therefore, please consult with a specialist to provide the most reasonable way. Mother should use the right dose, on time, should use in the morning after meals.

When choosing calcium supplements, moms should choose products containing organic calcium, especially the new generation of calcium ion, with good absorption, adding vitamin D in the oral tablet will help pregnant mothers can absorb. maximizing the amount of calcium into the body without causing side effects, absolutely safe.


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