Infants sweat on their heads, mothers should worry?

There are many cases of infants sweating their heads, especially when they sleep or at night. In fact, most babies have a sweaty head, but it is important which causes this phenomenon. Should I be worried when I am in this situation? 

1. The cause of infant sweating 

There are two main and major causes of this phenomenon: the physiological and the pathological.

1.1. Infants sweat their head due to physiological problems

In newborns due to the incomplete development of the brain’s brain system, the child is still in the developmental stage, the child’s metabolism is stronger than that of adults, if a little more excited. and stimulates sweating to release heat in the body. This is also an adjustment that keeps the body temperature constant.

When the body temperature increases due to warm weather or by wearing a lot of clothes or blankets, children can only through sweating to regulate body temperature. Children also drink milk or other drinks before bed, which can also lead to sweating. Physiological sweat is often present in the head and neck, usually occurs at bedtime about 30 minutes and about 60 minutes later is no more.
Babies sweaty head related to pathology

1.2. Children sweat due to lack of calcium

Lack of calcium is the cause of infant sweating, especially at night. Accompanied by theft of sweat is phenomena such as night crying fuss, sleepless sleeplessness, hair loss. However, if the baby only sweats the head and still sleeps well, there is no other phenomenon, the mother needs to review the cause of this phenomenon in the baby.

1.3. Babies sweating due to fever

When the baby is sweating accompanied by the phenomenon of sneezing, runny nose, the mother should check if the baby has a fever.

Early sweating often appears in children with rickets and primary tuberculosis.

Babies with this condition often experience a lot of sweating in the head, especially during breastfeeding or after sleep, increased sweating but not related to the weather, and other signs of rickets such as slow fontanel immediately, the head of the bone is big, the chest is protruding, the legs are bowed or there is a manifestation of primary infection (cough is prolonged, poor eating, X-ray with lesions of primary tuberculosis).

2. How to handle when an infant sweats his head

2.1. For children sweating due to physiological problems

In this case, the mother does not need to be so worried. To limit this situation, the mother must always keep the baby’s bedroom cool and clean. Mothers must give children enough water every day, because when sweating the baby’s body will lose a significant amount of water so if not drinking enough water, the baby’s body is easily dehydrated and weakened.

2.2. In the case of children sweating due to related to a number of pathologies

Mother needs to send the baby to the doctor for reasonable advice and appropriate remedy.

Mother needs to pay attention to the baby a reasonable and adequate diet. Mothers should give children a variety of cool fruits and vegetables, such as collard greens, mustard greens, mustard greens, squash, pumpkin, dragon fruit, oranges, etc. Do not give your child too many “hot” foods, such as grease and beef. , shrimp, crab, sea fish … or “hot” fruits such as jackfruit, durian, mango … These foods are high in energy, generate a lot of heat in the metabolism, easily causing the child’s body to sweat foul, can cause itching or even skin rash.

Early infant sweating is not a problem if the mother has reasonable remedies, but she needs to monitor the baby’s health regularly, if any abnormalities are detected. the child’s sweating phenomenon is accompanied by a number of other symptoms in the child such as frequent fever, depressed spirit, thinning hair, teething, slow and slow fontanel, slow crawling, slow walking … Parents need to bring their children to see a doctor so that they can be checked and treated promptly.

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