If children do not want to gain weight slowly, parents need to have a good solution

Many parents think that a child who is slowly gaining weight is due to eating little or not enough nutrition, so most will choose milk as a nutritional supplement. Right or wrong?

Children slow to gain weight is a common situation that many parents worry about their children. Many parents think that a child who is slowly gaining weight is due to eating little or not enough nutrition, so most will choose milk as a nutritional supplement. However, is milk the only and effective option to overcome the situation of children slowly gaining weight or not?

How is a child slowly gaining weight?

At each stage of development, the baby’s weight growth rate will be different, when the newborn weighs from 2.5 to 3 kg, after 5 months doubled, 12 months tripled, then increases each year. 2 kg. Slow weight gain is an early manifestation of malnutrition, so if the problem of slow weight gain lasts about 2-3 months, parents should pay attention and take the baby to visit early for early guidance and how to reasonable treatment.

The cause of slow weight gain for children

When a child has a scientific diet but the weight gain is still lasting for a few months, the body may not absorb nutrients as one of the main causes leading to the child being slowly gaining weight.

  • Making baby formula is not the right formula

The use of infant formula milk is too familiar. However, not everyone mixes the right dose of formula. Mother mixed formula, formula milk for children is too thin, not enough to provide nutrition and energy for the baby. This is one of the reasons why children gain weight slowly. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to mixing the milk with the formula printed on the milk carton label, ensuring sufficient nutrition for your baby to grow and grow healthy.

  • The digestive system of the child is having problems

Your baby’s anorexia, slow weight gain may be due to the child’s digestive system is having problems. If you find your baby often has some problems such as digestive disorders, constipation, indigestion, … parents should take the baby to see a doctor, to find out the cause and how to take care of children properly, improve digestive system and make children absorb the best nutrition, develop height and weight.

  • Worms cause children to gain weight slowly

Young children are frequently visited by worms. When the worms parasitize in the intestinal tract, the child will gain weight slowly because the nutrients supplied to the intestinal tract are reduced by worms. Therefore, moms need babies to visit their intestines regularly and deworming periodically to better protect their babies.

  • Children eat too much protein into the body

Many mothers mistakenly believe that feeding children a lot of high-protein foods will make them gain weight quickly, helping them develop the most comprehensive. However, if children eat too much protein will create a form of toxic intermediates, the liver and kidneys have to work too hard, leading to children anorexia, constipation often. Therefore, mothers should note that for children aged 1-3 years should only consume 28-30g of protein per day, equivalent to 100-120g of lean meat / fish.

  • Bone broth is not enough

Most parents think that taking porridge to cook porridge for children is enough nutrients already. But not enough, because protein remains in the flesh. Therefore, mothers should let their children eat the flesh to provide complete nutrition for the baby.

  • Regularly feed your child to buy nutritious porridge

Busy life, many parents choose to buy porridge from outside to bring home for their children. Not only does this not ensure adequate nutrition for the baby, but it can also be harmful if porridge outside of unknown origin, uses a lot of main noodles to sweeten. Ideally, you should try to spend time cooking your own baby food to ensure health and provide enough nutrients for your baby to gain a healthy weight.

Good solution for children with slow weight gain

– Give children regular health check: can see, in case of children infected with worms, parents will be difficult to detect, so going to regular health checks will be detected and dewormed by doctors periodically. When children are 2 years of age or older, parents can deworm children for 6 months.

– Give your child additional nutritious foods: parents can give their child two glasses of milk a day to increase the child’s nutrition, in addition to using milk products such as whey, yogurt, ..

– Increase the amount of vegetable fat for babies at meals: When preparing food, or can be added to porridge or soup will give children the DHA nutrients. Omega 3,6,9 and APE, while helping children form fat, fat, .. this is a decisive factor in the development of mental and physical.

– Build rich, compelling desserts: Feed your baby things like smoothies, yogurt, cereals, etc. to help your child absorb more nutrients.

– Limit your child to eat junk food: this is a very limited food in terms of nutrition, so parents should avoid giving children much because it can affect the main meals of children.

After all, depending on the condition of the child, there are signs, causes and treatments for children with delayed weight gain are different, if parents are worried about the baby’s current condition, parents should take children to health centers so that they can find out causes and effective measures, avoid children falling into a state of malnutrition, affecting the energy life and innocence of children.



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