How to treat stubborn children does not need to be scolded

Parents should be calm and patient is the best key for stubborn children to obey.

Many parents face the situation when a child says “No!” with almost everything a parent asks. For children who are difficult to be stubborn and stubborn, if parents react without thinking, it will only make their children’s attitude more negative. Here are helpful tips for parents when dealing with irritable and stubborn children.

Listen patiently and do not argue 

Parents should not rush to scold and argue when children do not obey

For the stubborn, stubborn children who do not listen, parents should not rush to get angry or argue immediately, scolding their children because this will only make the situation worse. It is best for parents to listen hard and have a light conversation with their children. Parents should be careful in communicating, using tone and body language.

Start a conversation with your child by asking some simple questions like “What is bothering you?”, “What problem am I having?”, Or “Now what I want?” What do you do? “… These questions will help your child calm down the mood and know he is receiving the attention from parents.

During the conversation, parents often observe and find out what causes their children to become uncomfortable, then slowly ease their stubbornness. Parents should remember, patience is the best key to control the situation.

Ignore your inadequate demands

Sometimes it is the quick response to all of the child’s requirements that makes the child stubborn and difficult to say. At that time, children will realize that their parents easily follow their wishes, so once they do not want what they want, they will easily get angry and scream. Therefore, ignoring parents’ inadequate demands is also a good way to eliminate their stubbornness, stubbornness.

Do not try to force a child to do something

Young children also have their own interests, needs and interests, so parents should not try to force their children to do things that they do not want or dislike because then they will be more likely to rebel and disobey.

For example, when your baby is sitting and watching television happily, it’s time to go to bed. Then, if mother yelled at her and immediately went to sleep, she would surely receive a “no!” along with an uncomfortable attitude. Instead, you should enjoy the program with your child for a while, then gently advise him to go to sleep.

Encourage and praise your child when needed 

                  Parents should strive to encourage and praise their children when necessary

Adult attitudes and behaviors towards children are also the causes of stubbornness in children. Because of this, in order to change a stubborn child, parents should try to encourage and praise their children when they try to do good things, even if it is small. Parents, do not be harsh when children do something wrong, but slowly analyze for children to understand the problem.

Encouraging positive behaviors will make your child understand that it is a good way to get attention or praise from others. Parents can also give their children rewards to make them more excited.

Try to create a peaceful and happy family for children

Young children often learn a lot through their parents’ daily behaviors. Therefore, if children see parents with inappropriate or polite speech, they will be easy to follow. A study has shown that parents’ dissonance can lead to a stressful environment in the family and that can also affect children’s moods and behaviors.


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