How to help children stop anorexia and nutrition for children

The main way to help children stop their anorexia here is to change the diet of the child. Changing the regimen helps children stimulate the taste buds and increase their appetite. This way also helps children later have a reasonable diet in moderation.

Why children anorexia and weight gain slowly?

Causes of anorexia and not gaining weight:

There are many causes but often anorexia among children such as:

  • Active children: these children are very active. So sometimes they will when they eat they may be lazy to eat.
  • Weak health: For children with weak health, the body is loaded with very little amount of nutrition. Their digestive system and appetite are also weaker than normal babies.
  • Children with stomach problems: such as frequent stomach reflux, or vomiting. Leads to anorexia and fear of eating lots of food.
  • Children who are lazy to eat: for this child, actually, they cannot eat. It is sometimes because of habit that they refuse to eat.

Children not gaining weight have two main reasons is due to the child’s ability to absorb. And the remaining cause is because the child has poor resistance or is ill.

Manifestations of anorexia nervosa:

  • Each baby’s meal usually lasts more than 30 minutes. The amount of food a child eats is less than that of other children of the same age.
  • Children refuse to eat new foods or high fiber foods.
  • Children who put food in their mouths or suck on refusing to chew, do not just eat certain foods. These are typical manifestations of anorexic children.

Nutrition affects anorexia and slows weight gain

Unbalanced nutrients during meals:

Many moms have no balance in the food between meals. Like many mothers put too much fiber, protein, omega-3 nutrients into their meals. Over many days the child will be anorexic because the body does not absorb all the substances that make the digestive system active. One way to help children stop their anorexia is to balance the nutrition in their meals.

Do not change your diet menu:

Many mothers do not know how or do not change the menu. As a result, many children are fed up and refuse to eat. Having a diet change regime will help your child get the nutrients they need. Also helps children reduce anorexia with food for children.

Children begin to choose food according to their taste buds

In the stage of anorexia children start from 1-2 years old. Children now feel the taste buds clearly. And may like or hate a food. You need to pay attention and adjust, combine the food to your baby to eat the food needed. And also helps avoid the situation that your baby will not eat the dish for a long time does not improve the baby.

Zinc-deficient diet

Most children with anorexia due to a parent cause often do not pay attention that there is a large deficiency of zinc in serum. Zinc deficiency often causes children to have taste disorders, and at the same time degrades normal development and growth in children. Children who are deficient in zinc often experience prolonged diarrhea, skin and eye damage, and delayed growth. Genital organs are slow to mature, weight loss, anemia, delayed wound healing, myopia and poor intelligence.

The reason is that children’s diet and diet are not really rich. Or mothers who make unreasonable food also cause the zinc content in food to be lost. Children with diarrhea also lead to zinc excretion.

How to help anorexia children with anorexia due to physical health

Anorexia due to health needs to have a clear diet and divide the amount of food from sufficient food. How to help children stop anorexia in children with weak health need more attention with normal anorexia children.

Nutrition for weak health children:

  • Your baby’s meals need to be cooked thoroughly, they should be cooked immediately. Do not allow to cool down as this will produce bacteria or loss of substance.
  • Increasing the energy of a meal by adding enzymes (digestive enzymes) in sprouting seeds. To loosen food and increase the temperature of the food.
  • Divide the meals of the day into small meals. Let your digestive system absorb slowly, small amounts.
  • Additional foods such as potatoes, meats, fish rich in omega-3.
  • Gradually increase calories.
  • Use extra vitamins or digestive enzymes. With children of weak health, especially on digestion.

How to help all anorexia children with anorexia due to other factors

For the remaining anorexia group we do not need to be too strict with their diet. Often these anorexic children are due to habits or dislike of a particular item.

  • You can combine or process foods your child doesn’t like in many ways. For example, if you hate the taste of carrots or their smells, you can grind it with another fruit or make a cake for your child. This will trick the child into not eating carrots but something else. This method of helping children stop eating anorexia can only be applied to foods that are not too strong smell.
  • Do not give children too much milk during the day, especially with meals. This makes the child full and refuses to eat at meals.
  • Children should not be fed immediately after exercise. This causes the child to have gastroesophageal reflux and does not increase the child’s appetite. Children should be fed after 1 hour, now they are hungry due to too much exercise and start to crave.
  • Offer soft foods and do not force them to eat. This makes the child more stubborn and refuses to eat.
    Additional foods such as potatoes, meats, fish rich in omega-3.
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