How many ml of milk should babies drink each day?

Babies eat very little and often. It is completely natural because the stomach is small and will get bigger. What do mothers need to know about infant meals?

What is the infant’s feed for the day?

Just born, the stomach of a newborn is very small. Size is equivalent to a plum. Because babies are born, they only need 7ml of milk for each feeding to fill the stomach. The stomach size of newborns increases day by day. By day 3, the baby’s stomach was about the size of a walnut. And contain about 22-27 ml per breastfeed.

It was not until the end of the first week that a baby’s stomach contained about 60 ml of milk. And about the size of a peach. From 1 to 6 months of age, once used to breastfeeding, infants can feed about 600-900 ml of milk a day or 90-150 ml of milk / feed.

According to health experts, babies need to breastfeed 8-12 times / day. Each interval is 2-3 hours apart. But it is not necessary to strictly abide by the above time.

If your baby is a baby, the average breastfeed should last at least 10 minutes for each breast. And a total of about 20 minutes / time breastfed. A little bit bigger, the baby’s suckling time will also be shorter. Babies only need about 5-10 minutes for each feed.

Notes for mothers about infant-feeding

  • An average suckling can take about 10-20 minutes for both breasts. If the feeding time is short, about 5 minutes, or breastfeeding time is too long, about 45 minutes are not normal, the mother should quickly see a doctor for advice.
  • The amount of colostrum in the first few hours after birth is very valuable, will help your baby strengthen the immune system.
  • There is no standard timetable for all babies. Mother should breastfeed on demand. Avoid the case of continuous breastfeeding leads to fear, frustration when breastfeeding.

In each bottle, babies should not breastfeed more than 2/3 of the stomach volume if they do not want their babies to vomit or store milk. If the baby is still hungry after feeding, then burp and feed the baby again. For infants who eat formula, the amount of milk needed is often less and the intervals are often farther apart. But still need depends on the needs of the baby.

Thus, the infant’s feeding schedule differs for each child. Due to the needs of sucking and the physical condition of each baby is not the same. Parents should feed their baby whenever he is hungry.

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