Great benefits from the sound emitted in children’s toys

Music also works to increase nerve connections, helping to promote up to 100 billion neurons right from birth.
Many studies have shown that sound has a positive effect on the brain development of children, especially young children. But many mothers apply in a bluff, where the effect is nowhere to be found, only the baby is affected by hearing. Others do not know what the actual use of sound for baby’s development includes. Let’s explore through the article below and buy your baby toys that emit appropriate sound from an early age to help your child develop more comprehensively.

Scientists say that the human brain has a special area for sound, which is important for thinking activities related to areas such as architecture, mathematics, science and art. On the other hand, music also has the effect of increasing nerve connections, helping to promote up to 100 billion neurons at birth.

1. Great benefit of sound with young children

Help your child concentrate: in the early days of birth, babies will often pay attention to the sounds and noises in separate spaces, stemming from activities in everyday life such as footsteps. Mom’s feet or the laughter of everyone around her and even the sounds of toys are also noticed by young children.

Increasing the ability to remember: the focus on listening to the surrounding sounds will help your child have the ability to receive and remember information very effectively. Children will gradually get used to the sound of footsteps, voices of parents, doorbells, small toys hanging on the stroller hitting each other, children gradually memorize in their heads and create appropriate responses. with each kind of audible sound.

How to handle situations: when they have memorized and become familiar with the sounds around them, they will show their ability to handle situations like they will be happy to hear music, sounds from a pendulum or babies will stop when the parents ‘footsteps are heard, sometimes acting as a baby when listening to their mothers’ flattery. These are reflections before the familiar sounds your baby has ever received and identified. Thanks to these sounds, the development of cognitive abilities and thinking of children from an early age is promoted.

2. Ways to train children’s intelligence through sound

Sounds will help your baby to be trained mentally and physically, intellectually if the mother skillfully guides. Listen to music with your child, choose some favorite songs or instrumental music that is gentle for you and your child to listen to. There so children will have the mood and emotions to the song melody. Another way is for children to play with music toys, children’s toys emit sounds like simple toy musical instruments such as drums, guitar, flute … When playing these toys, your baby will be extremely excited Excited and excited, only a short time can children get acquainted and play.

Sound simulation is also an interesting game for children with many benefits. Accordingly, parents can simulate the sound for children to listen, imitate follow or let children guess what kind of musical instrument sounds. Besides, you can also play games with children about how to recognize sounds and rhythm of songs to help them become smarter. When your baby first sounds, you can start teaching him to sing. First, you must be the one who sings songs familiar to children on a regular basis for children to memorize melodies and fades.

This habit will help you increase the ability to memorize melodies and lyrics, you will be confident to sing songs that you can remember. While singing do not forget to teach your child to dance and to dance. Involve your child in the activity of describing the gait of the animals in conjunction with the song associated with the animal so that they have memorized how to distinguish animals and are also more agile. You dance with children, dancing and singing for children to learn and follow. For example, if you teach the song “A duck” and sing “A duck spreads out two wings,” at the same time describe how the duck is spreading his wings.

Changing the melody of music as your child gets used to it and is interested in music is a great way for him to get used to new melodies. Mom can change and gradually increase the difficulty level of the song, such as songs that are fast, slow, or have different rhythms for children to adapt to change. Surely, you will be very excited to hear sounds that are both strange and familiar.

3. Children toys make sounds that help promote children’s intelligence

Musical toys or sound-generating toys are one of a variety of toys in the world of baby toys, helping your baby develop hearing so that he or she can feel the sound better. Thanks to the activities associated with these types of toys, children will stimulate their curiosity and curiosity from an early age. Moreover, this type of toy also helps children improve hand-eye coordination. Their bright colors not only create funny sounds but also help children learn to distinguish colors, learning and playing are fun.

Along with the fun music feature, the children can also create their own high-pitched sounds and passionately compose their own music products, which also helps them to be more artistic in sound. extremely attractive. Hopefully babies can train their intelligence through sound exposure through which parents can discover their child’s hidden artistic talents.

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