10 popular fruits to help mom vote “cool down the summer sun”, Dad remember to buy for mom to eat!

10 popular fruits to help mom vote “cool down the summer sun”, Dad remember to buy for mom to eat! If you are wondering what pregnant women should eat in the summer, try immediately the following 10 “divine” fruits. They not only help mothers to clear the heat, but also good support for the digestive system and excretion, helping women to “relax” through the hot days.


Pear is rich in fiber, so it is good for pregnant mothers’ digestive system, helps detoxify, purifies the body, prevents constipation during pregnancy. In addition, the vitamin C contained in this fruit also supports the immune system, enhances resistance, has a cooling effect, reduces fever, coughs. Therefore, when you feel tired, have signs of fever or sore throat, pregnant women can drink pear juice to feel more comfortable.

If you are worried because the amount of sugar in the fruit can increase the risk of diabetes, pregnant women can be completely assured. The amount of glucose in pears is easily absorbed. However, if the mother’s body is susceptible to welding, it is best not to or limit eating pears.


The abundant vitamin C in grapefruit has the ability to prevent bleeding in pregnant women. In addition, grapefruit contains plant fitogen so it works to beautify the skin and fat, lowering cholesterol. At the same time, grapefruit also contains more acid to help the mother’s digestive system work better when she accidentally overeating.


A small cup of mango juice contains up to 100 calories and lots of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C. These nutrients will help the mother’s immune system healthy.

However, if the mother is hot at home or has a high glycemic index, she should refrain from eating mangoes, because this fruit is very nutritious but contains a lot of sugar, which can make her acne.


Contains lots of potassium, vitamin C, PP, calcium, magnesium, and watermelon, which are good for the cardiovascular system, slowing down the aging process, good cooling, diuretic …

But because watermelon is a welding fruit, pregnant women should limit their overeating or should not eat if they belong to a group of people prone to diarrhea, cold stomach.

Papaya is ripe

In addition to vitamins A and C, ripe papaya provides plenty of folate (an important nutrient that prevents birth defects) and stores an enzyme that promotes digestion. Moreover, in ripe papaya contains many antioxidants, very good for beauty of pregnant women.

Dragon fruit

This is a popular fruit in the summer. According to Oriental medicine, dragon fruit has a sweet, sour, cool taste and helps to cool down and reduce phlegm for pregnant women.


In 1 apple contains up to 3g of fiber, 15% hydrogen carbon, vitamins A, C and E. The amount of potassium, antioxidants, calcium. Therefore, eating each apple every day helps pregnant women increase their resistance, neutralize salt in the body, prevent diarrhea, increase excretion, increase intestinal function, prevent and treat high blood pressure.

However, pregnant mothers with stomach disease, spleen should not eat apples.

Bean roots

Jicama has a sweet taste, coolness, has the effect of cooling off, regenerating, only thirsty, detoxifies, treats hypoglycemia (goes into the blood), has a laxative effect so it is good for digestion, helps Stomach well, beneficial to defecation, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids in pregnant mothers. The mother can peel, eat raw vegetables directly, squeeze water or drink, make salad, cook soup, stir-fry with meat or wash and squeeze to get drinks that are both delicious and cool.


In addition to the essential vitamins, bananas also contain a lot of potassium, nutrients that help pregnant women prevent cramps and morning sickness during pregnancy.

At the same time, bananas can also help pregnant women limit constipation thanks to their rich fiber. But pregnant mothers with stomach disease, spleen should not eat bananas.


Berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, etc. all provide lots of vitamins and minerals to increase resistance and cool down. Furthermore, cherries have the ability to prevent cancer, blueberries prevent the risk of bladder infections, strawberries provide vitamin C, fiber for the body, …


For adults, you only eat from 300-500g of fruit per day. Nutrition experts recommend that any fruit when eaten too much will “backfire” and cause harm to the body, especially for the group of overweight, diabetes … Mothers should Add a variety of fruits to your daily menu, rather than eating just one fruit when the season comes, this will ensure the mother’s body receives the necessary vitamins present in the fruits. but moderate trees.

Wish pregnant women have a healthy pregnancy!

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